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Monday, February 06, 2023
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Visa Debit now widely accepted in the Netherlands

Visa Debit is now also widely accepted in the Netherlands. Dutch cardholders and foreign visitors can pay with the new Visa Debit payment cards in most shops in the Netherlands. The Debit Card Acceptance (DCA) project, led by the Dutch Payments Association, has now been successfully completed. The aim of this project was to adapt or replace the majority of payment terminals in the Netherlands so that they are suitable for the new debit cards. Until recently, paying with Visa Debit was not yet possible in almost half of the shops in the Netherlands 1 .

“Updating approximately 425,000 payment terminals in one year has been a great success,” says Jos van de Kerkhof, Country Manager at Visa in the Netherlands. “Dutch retailers can now easily accept digital payments with one of the 2.8 billion Visa Debit cards issued worldwide. In addition, they will be ready once Dutch banks start issuing Visa Debit from this year. We thank the Dutch Payments Association for their successful leadership of the project and all partners involved for their efforts.”

Universal, future-oriented payment card for everyday purchases

Visa Debit is the global payment product that meets current and future payment needs. This allows consumers to pay securely in shops and online, via mobile, contactless and in apps in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. All payments are secure and cardholders can make purchases at more than 100 million merchants 2 worldwide that accept Visa.

Unlike a credit card, Visa Debit is directly linked to the current account, making it ideal for day-to-day expenses. Because every payment is immediately deducted from the account, Visa Debit cardholders have full control over costs and a clear overview of their expenses. Consumers can also be notified immediately of any transaction via a push message on their smartphone. These benefits respond to the needs of Dutch consumers: according to recent research 3 by Visa, nine out of ten Dutch people find it important to have a good overview of their daily expenses and 75 percent prefer money to be debited directly from their account when making a purchase .

The next step in card payments

Thanks to the successful DCA project, almost all existing payment terminals have now been updated via a software update. Entrepreneurs have received a message about this from their terminal supplier or will receive it soon. Only a limited number of retailers with outdated POS terminals whose software can no longer be updated have replaced them or will do so in the near future 4 . Cardholders will continue to pay as they are used to with their existing payment cards and will not notice any changes at the checkout.

Visa technology such as the Visa Token Service provides an additional layer of security to enable secure digital payments via smartphones, wearables and the web. Thanks to the ‘Zero Liability’ protection, Visa cardholders are not liable for unauthorized payments, according to the terms and conditions of the issuing bank. This protection applies to all Visa transactions, whether made in-store, online or at an ATM.

Rabobank – alongside other Dutch banks – is expected to start issuing Visa Debit shortly. Customers will receive their Visa Debit debit card automatically and will not need to take any action.

Full flexibility across all channels

“We are delighted that Visa Debit is now widely accepted in the Netherlands. It offers cardholders full flexibility to pay via multiple channels,” explains Van de Kerkhof. “This makes payments easier for the Dutch and the Netherlands even more welcoming for foreign visitors.”

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