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Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Visa certifies Zwipe Pay Biometric Payment Card Platform and issues Letter of Approval to Zwipe

Zwipe, a leading provider of biometric payment card solutions, is proud to announce that it has obtained the Letter of Approval (LoA) from Visa for the Zwipe Pay platform, the most advanced biometric card solution available to all smart card manufacturers in the market today. This LoA enables Zwipe’s customers (smart card manufacturers) to leverage Zwipe’s certification results to obtain Visa certification for their own biometric payment card designs.

Zwipe Pay passed all tests required to obtain the Visa Letter of Approval. This confirms that the Zwipe Pay biometric payment card platform meets the security and performance standards required by Visa. Zwipe’s complete end-to-end solution is now ready for full scale production by smart card manufacturers and adoption by issuers. The product is approved for issuance anywhere in the world.

Issuers can now leverage Visa’s global network and start to deliver biometric payment cards, built on Zwipe Pay technology.

“Having the Zwipe Pay platform certified by Visa is a historic milestone for Zwipe and our customers. Consumers will benefit from more convenient, safe, and secure ways to pay. Issuers will have the opportunity to create differentiation, accelerate customer acquisition, uplift loyalty and create new revenue streams. The pathway is now open for smart card manufacturers and issuers all over the world to certify, produce and deploy biometric Visa cards based on Zwipe Pay,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

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