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Friday, September 29, 2023

Vibepay Becomes First In Europe To Offer Voice Activated Payments

VibePay, the company powering the next evolution of payments through Open Banking, has become the first to offer account to account voice activated payments in Europe.

VibePay’s users can now pay or request payment from others with their voice directly (via Siri) and instantly from one UK bank account to another, with no fees. The solution was put into production after VibePay listened to community feedback on new tools to make account to account payments, quicker and simpler. Users can activate the voice-initiated technology using Siri with a sentence as simple as “Hey Siri, send money to Luke!”.

It is the latest offering in VibePay’s mission to transform how consumers and businesses interact with payments. It comes ahead of the launch of VibePay Pro later this year, which will enable sellers and entrepreneurs – such as businesses built by content creators, video game streamers, social commerce sellers and in person sellers – to interact with their customers and audiences in new ways. By leveraging the capabilities of Open Banking, the service ensures sending or receiving money is not the end of a transaction, and instead enables meaningful on-going interactions to occur in-app.

Luke Massie, CEO of VibePay, said: “This first of its kind feature highlights another significant step in the evolution of payments in Europe. It highlights our commitment to matching the quality of  services provided by the likes of WeChat, CashApp, Alipay and Venmo globally. We are always listening to our users, whether they are business or consumers and believe transactions should be brought to life with conversations and actionable tools. As we move a step closer to launching VibePay Pro, we are excited about our journey in transforming payments for our community across Europe.”

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