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Uniti to Launch World’s First ‘Certified Green’ Cryptocurrency

Uniti, a Swedish electric car company, to launch its own cryptocurrency, that will be certified under the Green Bonds Principles. The global Green Bonds market, initiated by Swedish bank SEB, is now worth over 100bil USD annually. The company will issue ‘Uniti Green Tokens’ [UGTs] which will initially be redeemable for access to the enormous amount of data generated by their vehicles beginning in 2019 (under strict data protection policies), afterwhich they will diversify redemption options. To date, no ICO [Initial Coin Offering] has gained the GREEN accreditation, marking a new, more meaningful, and rigorously tested era for cryptocurrency.

The use of proceeds from the sale of the USTs will be dedicated to producing what will be a highly resource efficient electric vehicle, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Uniti is in the process of certifying their token sale as a Green ICO, under the supervision of the digital assets team at PwC, and under the legal advice of Baker McKenzie.

The focus of the Green Bonds Principles is a certification that the use of proceeds is dedicated exclusively for green activities. Compliance with these standards, applied in the cryptocurrency market, is a world first and will be verified and certified by accredited third parties.

“Emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are fundamental to how Uniti interacts with society. Over time, our tokens will be used for value creation activities such as incentivizing the open source community, incentivizing safer and more energy-efficient driving behaviour, and they could be redeemed by the public for access to mobility as a service and access to charging infrastructure.” Lewis Horne, Uniti CEO.

To receive more information go to uniti.earth/ico


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