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Monday, September 25, 2023

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UK and US Leaders Agree on AI Governance

UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has recently articulated the necessity of AI governance during recent rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) Capabilities. Highlighting AI’s “incredible benefits” to economies and societies, Sunak also acknowledges the “real risks” associated with this technology, underscoring the importance of protective measures or ‘guardrails’.

The Atlantic Declaration: A New Economic Era?

In response to the rapid technological change, Sunak announced the Atlantic Declaration, an unprecedented economic alliance between the UK and US. This agreement is perceived as a new economic partnership for the digital age, one that goes beyond traditional economic pacts. As part of this alliance, a new critical minerals agreement was also introduced, reflecting the growing interconnection between economies and technology.

Ensuring Security Through AI Governance Amid A Technological Revolution

Emphasizing the role of leadership in the era of technology, Sunak expressed that it is essential for the tech revolution to enhance security. The UK and US leaders have agreed to cooperate on AI security, a testament to their commitment to seize the extraordinary possibilities of AI, while ensuring the utmost confidence in its application. This commitment to security signals a careful approach towards integrating AI into various sectors.

A Pioneering Pact for Post-Brexit Era

While this agreement may not be the comprehensive post-Brexit trade pact that some Conservatives hoped for, it sets a new standard for economic cooperation in the post-Brexit era. The Atlantic Declaration positions the UK and US as collaborators in the face of emerging economic and technological challenges.


This UK and US agreement marks a significant step towards recognizing AI’s potential while acknowledging the necessity of its careful governance. By drawing a parallel between the global response to climate change and the approach required to handle AI, Sunak underlines the gravity and urgency of the issue.

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