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Trulioo Launches First-Generation Risk Screening Glasses

Trulioo Launches First-Generation Risk Screening Glasses | Fintech Finance

Trulioo, the leading global identity verification provider, today launched its first-generation screening glasses: Inspectacles powered by GlobalGateway.

Inspectacles facilitate real-time, face-to-face screening to instantly verify any individual around the globe both digitally and physically. The device is equipped with high-quality sensors, microchips, and a powerful processing system that accesses thousands of reliable data sources through GlobalGateway.

Learn more about how the Inspectacles help build trust and safety in the digital world:

Swipe right on your true soulmate

The days of online catfishing are over — Inspectacles allow you to see who’s really behind the flower crown filter. Simply look at the image with your Inspectacles and it will reveal your suitor’s real appearance without augmentations.

Verify the identity of any attendee at your next virtual meeting

Anyone can log into an online meeting and pretend they’re someone else. With Inspectacles you can trust that the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are. Wear your Inspectacles when you first start the meeting to verify your client and their documents. The glasses will display a green checkmark if their identity and documents are authentic, or a red X if it’s a deep fake video or imposter.

“After years of stealth R&D and refining prototype after prototype, we’re proud to finally be in the market and look forward to a world where everyone is donning a pair of Inspectacles,” said Zac Cohen, COO, Trulioo. 

Visit trulioo.com/inspectacles to learn more, pre-order your pair and check out our exclusive Instagram filter to try on the Inspectacles virtually.

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