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Friday, March 01, 2024

Trezy lands €3 million Seed to expand its AI-driven predictive cash flow management platform to the UK

Trezy, the financial and cash flow management platform, has secured a €3 million Seed Round led by Seedcamp and Playfair. Kima Ventures and Discovery Ventures also contributed to the round.

The Franco-Dutch fintech will use the investment to support the growth of its customer base, expand its product offering to include features such as generative-AI enabled automation, and grow its teams in the Netherlands, France and the UK.

Trezy, a Franco-Dutch fintech currently present in France, the Netherlands, and the UK, provides real-time financial performance insights, predominantly through smart AI-based classification of bank transactions, receipts, and invoices. It is engineered to be a balance of detail and abstraction, combining bank transaction data with accounting data to provide financial analysis and financial health predictions.

Trezy’s platform is based on 14 million accounting entries and two million cash transactions. Its predictive tool – “Smart Forecasts” allows business owners to automatically project cash flow into the future. Onboarding is automated, enabling new users to see their historic and future cash flows within 30 seconds.

Trezy is currently working on leveraging generative AI technology to further automate the administrative tasks of data analysis and the presentation of insights, to let business owners go from business questions to meaningful action more quickly.

Quentin Lacointa, Co-Founder and CEO at Trezy, said: “69% of SME owners say they lose sleep at night because they worry about their cash flow. It’s their number one concern and with good reason. With inflation reducing margins, economic conditions hitting growth and financial processes becoming increasingly complicated, there is a huge burden on SMEs. Our goal is to support business owners by giving them easy-to-access, real-time financial insights that will help them to manage their cash flow and, regardless of their financial literacy, make better decisions.

“Accountancy software has really helped with day-to-day admin and compliance, but it doesn’t provide intelligent support for financial decision-making. This is where Trezy comes in and with this funding we will be able to further develop our platform to help achieve our vision of empowering small business owners on a global scale”

Felix Martinez, Principal at Seedcamp, said: “We are always on the lookout for solutions that can make a significant difference in the business world, and Trezy is undoubtedly one of them. Their cutting-edge technology that automates the enrichment and categorisation of bank transactions sets them apart in the financial management landscape. Bank transactions, being the main source of financial data today, often lack crucial information for actionable insights.”

Henrik Wetter Sanchez, Partner at Playfair, said: “We are thrilled to support Trezy, a game-changing solution addressing the crucial need for real-time financial management in the SME landscape. Trezy’s innovative approach to combining bank transaction data and accounting data, along with their AI-driven technology, has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses make informed financial decisions. We firmly believe in the vision and dedication of Quentin, Pierre, and their team, and we’re excited to be a part of their journey to empower SMBs around the world.”

Stefan Jeschonnek, Founding Partner at Discovery Ventures and previously Co-Founder of SumUp, said: “As someone who has been deeply involved in the fintech space, I am truly impressed by Trezy’s innovative approach to financial management for SMEs. Their ability to seamlessly merge bank transaction data with accounting information, while automating enrichment and categorization, showcases their dedication to staying ahead of the curve. Trezy’s technology has the power to revolutionise how businesses handle financial decision-making, allowing SMEs to focus on growth and development.”

Trezy, which is currently present in France, the Netherlands and the UK, has previously received funding from investors including Notion VC, Pareto20, the Co-Founder of Gumtree Michael Pennington, and Ventures Together.

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