" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Users link over $500M in self-directed assets on Magnifi, the AI-powered financial co-pilot for individual investors
Monday, March 04, 2024

Users link over $500M in self-directed assets on Magnifi, the AI-powered financial co-pilot for individual investors

Magnifi, the AI-powered financial co-pilot for individual investors from TIFIN, has announced a new milestone in their ability to provide education, insights, and answers on connected self-directed investment accounts. Over 45,000 subscribed users on Magnifi have now connected over $500M in aggregated assets, marking a tipping point for AI’s impact on empowering everyday investors.

Magnifi is the first investment-centric AI that can look across all your accounts to show you where you’re paying too much, where you have risks, and where you can improve. The technology, built in-house, can leverage the information from the connected accounts to answer specific questions such as: “Do I have any hidden risk?”, “Am I outperforming the S&P 500?”, “How can I see how much Nvidia I own?”, and beyond.

This provides investors with the intelligence and confidence they need to take their investment management to the next level. Magnifi’s intelligence layer, delivered through a generative AI capability, is also aligned with its business model. While users can trade directly on Magnifi, the firm does not generate revenues from commissions or order flows. Instead, users pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use the service.

The rapid growth of the functionality, originally announced in July 2023, highlights the demand from individuals to get answers and ideas across all their investments across multiple brokerages and investing platforms.

“While it is exciting to see the growth of linked assets on Magnifi, it is still very early days,” says TIFIN Founder and CEO, Dr. Vinay Nair (who also serves as CEO of Magnifi). “Over half of all self-directed users have more than one investment account. That means over 25M individuals don’t get answers to questions they may have or insights on actions they could take to better financial outcomes. We are glad to help a small portion of this audience and excited for the potential impact.”

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