Sunday, June 16, 2024

Tintra funding share details reconfirm private investor excitement around the fast-growth RegTech’s potential

Tintra PLC (the “Company” or “Tintra”) – the RegTech firm building a global, borderless banking infrastructure to democratise payments for emerging markets – today announced share issue details of the latest receipt of a $2 million private funding round, valuing the company, in the private market at least, at $100 million, revealing the acute interest from private investors in buying into the company in its early stages.

The new investor has purchased 297,022 shares at 504p – on similar terms of private placements that other investors have committed at the same price. The new investor also receives 594,044 warrants. These are options for this investor to buy shares in the future once the market cap of the Company or a funding round price exceeds $250 million – which is indicative of private investors’ conviction in Tintra’s model.

Tintra is publicly listed at 174p per share (as of writing), representing a significant disparity between the public markets’ pricing and that of private investors, which presents an enticing opportunity for retail investors to invest in the company.

Tintra, which is creating a new global banking infrastructure that will utilise AI to remove human prejudice against emerging markets built on Web 3.0 technologies, has generated significant excitement with recent announcements of applications for banking licences in the UK, Puerto Rico, and Qatar, as well as revealing its development of the world’s first built-for-purpose Web 3.0 bank. Richard Shearer, CEO of Tintra PLC, comments: “This recent investment is a further validation of our model and a compelling indicator of the potential that some of the world’s shrewdest private investors have discerned in what we’re building.

In delivering a decentralised technology platform that democratises finance across the world, we wanted to give all investors, not just institutional or ‘big names’, access from the ground floor and from the outset. Right now, the opportunity to publicly invest into Tintra is quite extraordinary and certainl not something we were expecting. We are funding the Company through private placements from our own network at a valuation but the public quote still lags a long way behind.

Over the past few years, Private Equity has become a key, perhaps even the key, provider of capital to fast-growth companies. This has become the norm in the US where PE is driving deals and the markets are following – Elon Musk’s bid to take Twitter private being an example of this. We are running our model as a very US-style tech scaleup. With our clearly-set-out model and fast-moving achievements, I do wonder when the retail market will work out the scale of what we are doing.”

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