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Monday, March 27, 2023
City Week 2023

The Most Proven Ways To Protect Crypto Money From Hackers

Since 2009, the world has been slowly boosting the value of newly invented cryptocurrency as the new global banking system. But only in 2017, electronic money managed to cause real fuss among financial analytics, businesses, and regular PC users. Crypto farms popped up here and there, the luckiest people found their e-wallets full of Bitcoins that were waiting for them since 2009. In all this craze and hysteria people struggled to grab more money inventing new methods to fulfil their needs. But there was one thing we all forgot to check – security. Overprotected home network? Who would do that for regular domestic use? Studying popular VPN ratings to pick one for every public network use? We don’t really need it.

That was just what we all thought until some serious problems happened. We have all heard about a guy who woke up one morning and found his 400 Bitcoins missing. And not a chance of finding a criminal. How could that happen? This link could explain the mechanism of such crimes, and what is more important – how to stop them. It is not only about some mysterious VPNs. There are some more crucial rules users mostly choose to ignore. But those who deal with cryptocurrency should always pay their attention to the following issues.

Protected E-wallets

Having just one wallet for all cryptocurrency operations is ridiculous and can result in a lot of problems. Experts recommend to have at least two clients for computer (or even use different PCs for them), where only one of them will be used for active operations and transactions. The second should be used as a stock room where all funds are resting safely. They are often called ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ wallets. Their functions are obvious from these names.


Once you feel an urge of writing down any of your passwords that are used for cryptocurrency wallets – think again and never do that. All passwords should be kept in mind and never forgotten. Restoring a password is a huge risk to reveal them to hackers or other internet criminals. Experts advice using different passwords that never repeat, for each wallet, website, etc. It is also wise to refuse from code words that contain names of family members (even pets are a huge risk) and important dates.


Whenever it’s time to choose a mean of security that is capable of protecting both inner files and outer operations, it is recommended to rush to Bestvpnrating.com and choose an option that would fit an operating system and other user’s demands. There is a wide choice of VPNs all around the web. They can be free of charge or require monthly payments. However, the prices are affordable for everyone. The difference between these two types of VPNs is not that significant. It is all about certain special options that are received as bonuses to the main function of this service – protecting all data and encrypting every symbol transmitted from or to the device. There are VPNs for computers and mobile gadgets that are absolutely great for those who have e-wallets or use crypto funds on both.

VPNs are extremely important. They are making computers invisible within the networks, basically hiding them from hackers. The latter have no chance to break into an e-wallet as they don’t even see it. VPN services create a kind of a tunnel where our computers operate with no risk. Any signal we send is transmitted to a distant server and only after that a signal reaches web address indicated initially. VPNs are making users completely protected from inner or outer threat.


Today, it is hard to find a user without an antivirus on their computer. Those who still choose surfing the web without it are risking their data and privacy. An innocent link can be hiding a dangerous virus that grants free access to our storages for anyone. Losing Bitcoins because of weird urge to spare some cash on paying for proper protection is the worst thing that can be done.

As you can see, our virtual freedom depends on many factors, and we are absolutely responsible for security of our finance. Mining some cryptocurrency and just keeping it is not enough. Professionals devote a lot of time to their security, and we all should follow their example.

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