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Saturday, May 18, 2024

SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal Launches Groundbreaking, First-of-its-Kind Generative AI Investigator Copilot that Increases Investigator Productivity by as much as 70%

SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal, a division of leading AI technology company SymphonyAI, announced today that it has launched the Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators, the first solution using generative AI for dramatically better and faster financial crime detection and management. The Sensa Copilot provides investigators with a sophisticated AI assistant that automatically collects, collates, and summarizes financial and third-party information. The Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators is the first of a series of strategic applications from SymphonyAI to provide transformational generative AI applications across its six vertically focused divisions.

The Sensa Copilot presents this information to investigators via an easy-to-understand, natural language narrative, providing instant context for the alert, and the risk characteristics associated with that entity. Initial users report increasing financial crime investigator productivity by up to 70%.

The Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators is the first product released by the Sensa-NetReveal division, which was recently formed by integrating the Sensa and NetReveal teams into one. SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal brings together NetReveal’s enterprise-scale and customer base with Sensa’s market-defining AI innovation to provide financial services customers with unrivaled industry knowledge and robust, proven technology. SymphonyAI launched the Sensa division in late 2021 and announced the acquisition of NetReveal from BAE Systems in July 2022. Sensa-NetReveal combines the power of NetReveal’s 20-year heritage and customer base of hundreds of leading banks and financial institutions with Sensa’s innovative award-winning software to deliver a cohesive industry-leading portfolio to the financial crime detection market.

The Sensa Copilot enhances the broader SymphonyAI financial crime prevention suite, which arms financial crime teams with everything they need to identify and investigate suspicious activity and meet evolving regulatory requirements. The copilot frees up investigators to focus on making critical decisions and ensures faster resolution of financial crime investigations. With easy-to-use summarization in natural language for non-specialists, The Sensa Copilot gives investigative teams consistent processes and fully auditable formulations.

The Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators rapidly assembles and delivers comprehensive, actionable information using natural language accessible to all types of users. With financial institutions contending with tens of thousands of alerts monthly, the copilot enables investigators to focus on legitimate financial crimes quickly and effectively, using their judgment and experience to create a detailed suspicious activity report for further investigation, or dismiss as a false positive. In addition, investigators can drill down into data sources using a friendly natural language query, enabling them to quickly and effectively enrich the report content to support the alert or investigation at any phase.

“CAMLOs are painfully attuned to the challenges created by rapidly growing volumes of suspicious activity alerts and the need for a massive step forward in making investigators more effective, productive, and efficient,” said Chuck Subrt, Fraud and AML Practice Research Director at Aite-Novarica Group. “A sophisticated, carefully curated approach to applying generative AI can have the potential to turbocharge and optimize the investigation process while tackling the overwhelming issue of false positives. Blending generative AI technology with specialized financial crime investigation data, Sensa Copilot offers an innovative approach that will resonate strongly with financial risk management leaders.”


“The Sensa Copilot for financial crime investigators presents a transformative moment for financial crime investigation, just as ChatGPT has transformed the speed and detail of online searches,” said Mike Foster, CEO of SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal.  “SymphonyAI has invested aggressively and boldly in unlocking the power of generative AI when it’s coupled with rich, specialized domain models and data sources. We’re excited about the unique value we can deliver as a leading enterprise AI company with deep domain knowledge applying generative AI in our solutions. The Sensa Copilot represents the first of many exciting developments in SymphonyAI’s near-term product roadmap.”

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