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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Climate Finance Startup Pyrpose Opens Public Beta Enabling Consumers to Directly Support Climate Innovators

Pyrpose, the breakthrough climate finance platform which connects climate conscious consumers directly with climate innovators to reduce future carbon emissions, has opened to the public, readying for the launch of its MVP early next year.

The Pyrpose platform allows consumers to understand their own carbon footprint and enables them to take action to tackle climate change. They can directly contribute to technology solutions which cut carbon emissions, providing SME climate innovators access to much-needed working capital to improve the future of the planet.

They include enterprises providing clean energy solutions to off-grid communities in Africa. The projects range from solar energy for homes and schools, to electrifying transportation and clean cookers in Western Kenya, South Africa and Rwanda. Off-grid communities and developing markets are often the hardest hit by climate change.

The startup’s initial private beta saw thousands of users engaging on the platform. The current public beta is designed to increase the number of users as well as the range of climate solutions available. With monthly or one-time payments starting as low as 20 Euros, individuals concerned about the planet’s future can contribute to its well-being.

Pyrpose initially caters primarily to consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the Nordic countries. The Geneva based start-up raised US$1.1m (CHF1m) in its angel round earlier this year, including institutional investment from CV VC. It will continue to raise capital and draw on the insights gained from its growing user-base to build its product offering and drive its expansion into new markets.

Kevin Kyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Pyrpose said: “We learned a lot during our private beta about what the climate conscious consumer is looking for.  Giving users direct access to the solutions that reduce carbon emissions is key – most did not think this was even possible.

“We also found that our platform appeals to all ages.  We went into this with the expectation that GenZ and Millennials are the ones to care the most for the climate, and while this remains true, GenX and beyond are also very active in this space.

“This public beta will help us to continue to learn about our user base and to improve our UX and product offering.

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