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Strands to Offer Carbon Impact Calculations from Doconomy

Strands to Offer Carbon Impact Calculations from Doconomy | Fintech Finance

Doconomy is partnering with Strands to offer both best-in-class climate impact and insight-driven engagement tools (PFM) for banking retail customers in a single user journey. The Strands network of affiliated clients consists of more than 700 financial institutions with more than 100 million banking customers.

“To act on the climate crisis, well informed, committed and ambitious individuals is very important. We all need to be the change we want to see. Having Strands as a partner helps Doconomy, and our clients, to further accelerate the global movement for a more sustainable way of life”, said Doconomy CEO Mathias Wikström.

With this partnership Strands can offer to their clients a whole new set of services focusing on educating and informing individuals of how their consumption affects the climate. With these measurements, the ability to act accordingly is enabled and the consumers transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle can be initiated.

“To Strands the partnership with Doconomy comes as a natural step. Our own conviction to be part of the fight against climate change can now be offered to our clients – something that they, as well as their clients, have asked for. This partnership will strengthen Strands, our clients, and their clients and in the end – the whole world”, said Strands CEO Erik Brieva.


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