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Solarisbank becomes Solaris

Solarisbank becomes Solaris | Fintech Finance

Solarisbank, Europe’s leading embedded finance platform, today announced a name change to ‘Solaris’. The renaming is the next step in the evolution of the brand and represents the newly formed international group. In this context, the renaming is also reflected in an upcoming change of the legal status of Solaris from an German AG to an international SE (Societas Europaea).

Roland Folz, Group CEO of Solaris explains: “Driven by the vision of creating a world where financial services seamlessly sync with life, the name Solaris symbolizes for us in its purest form the energy that powers us to make this dream a reality. Today, Solaris is a dynamic and constantly evolving ecosystem that grows with and simultaneously influences the market over the years.”

In the course of international expansion through acquisitions and opening new branches in European core markets, the Solaris team has now grown to more than 750 employees. The teams collaborate across eight different locations to develop innovative financial services for partners. In addition to harmonizing operational structures and processes, the new umbrella brand is intended to create a common identity within the group.

“As a technology company with a German banking license, Solaris has always been a special player in the fintech ecosystem. Today, we are a pan-European platform with a broad product offering and steep vertical integration. Our tech DNA has enabled our growth in the past and will ensure our success in the future. Solaris is our brand core and unification across the group is only logical,” added Layla Qassim, Chief of Staff at Solaris.


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