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SecurionPay Unveils New Website and Online Academy

SecurionPay rolled out a new and improved version of its website. Now their current and future clients can find a wealth of information about their technology, and ever-growing set of features and solutions.

The website’s refreshed look, combined with enhanced content allows site visitors to better understand the scope of SecurionPay services. The company has introduced a range of new content to the website, including extensive product information to help current and future clients understand SecurionPay’s solutions better. In result, there is a new Product section split into four parts, such as Payments, Subscriptions, Security, and Increase revenue.

Product information has never been so detailed. The website improvements are a result of talking with our clients and gaining valuable feedback,” says Lucas Jankowiak, SecurionPay CEO. “We are focused on meeting the dynamic needs of our clients and improving the solutions we offer.”

In the Payments category, SecurionPay’s customers will find all the billing models and integration methods that can be implemented using their solution. There’s also a handy list of business models and countries the company works in.

The part about Subscriptions includes information about recurring payments with a strong focus on SecurionPay’s Plan Manager and Customer Manager. Merchants can find lots of information on how to use various payment scenarios to streamline their business activities.

There are also Security and Increase revenue sections. The first one will get visitors through the technology, such as non-invasive 3D Secure that helps merchants protect transactions, reduce the number of chargebacks and keep their sales on the right track. The second one is a set of solutions that facilitate getting more sales and gives new paths for revenue development. These are, for instance, easy-to- implement, such as Cross-Sales, One-Click Payments or SecurionAds that help monetize merchant’s traffic.

A free knowledge base for merchants

SecurionPay also announced the launch of SecurionPay Academy. It is our new educational center with video tutorials for clients. The Academy is focused on product updates, and the must-know news from the payments and fintech world as well.

On the SecurionPay blog and company’s YouTube channel, anyone can find answers to their questions and learn how to use all of SecurionPay’s features to improve their business performance. With the video tutorials and useful guides, clients will learn how the entire payment system works and how to use each feature to grow their sales and provide the best payment experience.

We want our clients to think about SecurionPay Academy as their personal guide that will provide them with knowledge about how the entire payment system works and how they can use each feature to maximize their revenue,” says Jankowiak.

The Academy is regularly updated and expanded to give merchants as much information as they need to create payment scenarios tailored to their businesses. All the content is created by SecurionPay professionals who have experience resolving issues for their customers.

Moreover, website’s visitors can find information about the enhanced SecurionPay Partner Program. Since the company announced their Partner Program last year, they’ve expanded it and added a commission model for big players. This means that, beyond the basic program for developers, software houses, bloggers, or publishers, there’s a two-level program with transparent volume-tiered commissions. The tiers and rates are set individually.

We know that building long-lasting relations in business is important, that’s why we’ve decided to offer something more for our loyal clients. Note that we pay the rewards from SecurionPay’s marketing budget, so merchants can be sure that we won’t touch the partner’s money,” adds Jankowiak.

The website can be accessed at www.securionpay.com.


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