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Prometheus International Launches First of Its Kind Cryptocurrency Real Estate Project

Prometheus International Launches First of Its Kind Cryptocurrency Real Estate Project | Fintech Finance

Prometheus International, the first property business to accept payment in cryptocurrencies, has just announced a new project. In 2021 the international developer sold the world’s first villas to be paid for with cryptocurrency in Madeira, Portugal; now Prometheus is developing a new initiative, The Royal Blockhouse.This project has been created in partnership with some of Europe’s most prominent digital influencers, cryptoasset institutions and experts in the field of cryptocurrencies, including Myoo #810, creator of Cyberkongz, an NFT project that has generated more than $200 million in transactions.

Priyesh Patel, founder and CEO of Prometheus International, says: “The Royal Blockhouse combines two aspects of the blockchain revolution: ownership through non-fungible tokens (NFT), but also infrastructure design; something that is happening for the first time in the world of luxury real estate.”

The villas will be fully operational on the blockchain, from smart home features to aspects related to licensing, entitlements, rent, fees, access, payment records, etc.

The NFT property corresponds to The Royal Blockhouse property, with the building sites to be chosen by the first NFT owner (“minter”). The first NFT owner will choose the construction site; Prometheus will visit the chosen site with the client and the luxury home will be built on the agreed site. The Royal Blockhouse will also be available as event spaces and housing in the future metaverse KONG CITY, in collaboration with Cyberkongz.

Priyesh Patel continues: “Prometheus International is leading the way, developing protocols and standards that allow the new decentralized economy to merge with traditional real estate, but at the same time, we are fully compliant with EU regulations, building Web3 governed homes of the future and embracing digital assets alongside fiat currencies to break down barriers to entry.”

The Royal Blockhouse will be a collection of 24 international luxury homes designed by European and Prometheus architects. These villas will be situated in idyllic locations, setting a new standard within the international permanent luxury property development space. In Madeira, Prometheus International revolutionized the sector last year with the sale of luxury villas in cryptocurrency; now Prometheus is pioneering the blockchain market, marking the beginning of a revolution for crypto-friendly markets in Europe and the world.


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