Sunday, June 16, 2024

Plum lands new positioning with a new TV spot and campaign from Founders Makers to help tackle cost-of-living challenges

Plum, the smart money app, today reveals its new ‘money motivated’ positioning with a TV spot and digital campaign created by Founders Makers. The new campaign communicates Plum’s holistic offering to help people save more and build their wealth, during a time when managing finances is arguably more important than ever.

The UK public has low levels of awareness, knowledge and skills when it comes to financial wellbeing & financial capability. Around one in two adults (45%) in the UK don’t feel confident in managing their money day to day, and 16 million UK adults have low financial wellbeing, meaning they are more likely to be less satisfied with life.*

The new Plum campaign spot looks to evocatively position Plum as the enabler of financial wellbeing in the minds of consumers, producing the ideal conditions for someone to manage and grow their money. This isn’t achieved just by creating a bit of tech to make mundane bank things a bit easier. In contrast, Plum uses algorithms, A.I., and automation that are specifically designed to improve financial capability and wellbeing now, tomorrow and for the long run.

Directed by Ukrainian Director Alex Sobolev, the new spot follows our main protagonist as they strike a balance between living in the moment and planning for the future, with Plum always by their side, working behind the scenes. Going through life’s low-key moments…and big moments, the spot uses fluid transitions, and a catchy track to show that when your money is motivated, you can get on and do what you really want in life.

Olesya Nesterova, Marketing Director at Plum: “We love the work that has been created by Founders Makers. They understood that we needed to land this new positioning, to ensure we achieve our ambitious growth plans for the year, and they have delivered beyond our expectations. Plum can help people in various ways with their money, whether it’s saving, investing or budgeting, so we’re particularly pleased the ad showcases our holistic offering so effectively. From the get go they understood the challenges that we, as a scaleup, face, and consistently brought creative solutions to the table.”

Matilda Niven, Account Director at Founders Makers, said: “It was a pleasure working with the team at Plum on ensuring we landed their new positioning, and communicated their holistic offering. We went from briefing to delivery of final creative in under 7 weeks, which is testament to both teams’ mindsets. The creative is energetic, approachable and showcases Plum as the enabler of money confidence as our character takes on life with the smart money app in their pocket. We can’t wait to watch it on our screens!”

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