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Phil Friedman of iBynd Receives Insurance Innovator Award

Phil Friedman of iBynd Receives Insurance Innovator Award | Fintech Finance

iBynd announced today that CEO Phil Friedman has been named as a Top 100 Insurance Innovator in the 2022 Insurance Innovator Awards recognizing insurance professionals who have made significant technological contributions to the industry. The award, sponsored by Lightico and The Lighthouse Collective, comes on the heels of significant innovation by iBynd in the insurance industry during the last two years.

“I am honored to receive this award on behalf of the hard-working, innovative iBynd team,” said Phil Friedman, CEO of iBynd. “Consumers increasingly want fast insurance purchase solutions. People are accustomed to online experiences that allow them to buy instantly, yet the insurance industry has lagged behind. Our iBynd team has applied cutting-edge technology to insurance, empowering customers to rate, quote, and bind a policy online in under five minutes.”

iBynd’s no code, embedded rate, quote, bind platform leverages unique distribution channels that give customers as well as agents and brokers convenient, timely access to insurance throughout their day to day online activities. With iBynd’s embedded platform, customers can find insurance during their journey on affinity partner websites, while brokers and agents are empowered with easy, fast access to insurance on websites they use daily. Partners embed iBynd’s no code solution on their website with only 10 minutes of work.

More of iBynd’s key differentiators are evident as users engage in the easy shopping process. As information is provided, iBynd automatically tailors the experience to the specific customer being quoted by eliminating superfluous questions and only requesting information needed for that particular customer. Information is collected in a flow that makes sense for the person quoting, while the carrier receives the information in the order they require through real-time Application Programming Interface (API) calls. This customization process provides an easy experience, while a firm rate and customer-carrier match are assured by iBynd’s proprietary logic and workflows that apply business and appetite rules for each integrated carrier.

“We’re incredibly excited to see such a strong cadre of insurance professionals leading innovation in the industry at a critical time,” said Zviki Ben-Ishay, CEO and Cofounder of Lightico. “Leaders like Phil are an excellent example of truly revolutionizing technological innovation.”


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