" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Webexpenses teams up with Wise Platform to streamline expense management payments for businesses
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Webexpenses teams up with Wise Platform to streamline expense management payments for businesses

Webexpenses has announced a new partnership with Wise Platform, Wise’s infrastructure solution for banks and enterprises, to deliver same-day expense reimbursements.

The partnership sees the launch of a new payments service that enables businesses to manage and pay their expenses directly from the Webexpenses platform, now in multiple currencies. This is a game changer for businesses seeking to optimise their processes, increasing the Finance team’s productivity, and maintaining access to the secure, reliable payments they need.

Alongside multi-currency benefits, Webexpenses’ solution brings together an array of capabilities, including increased automation, effortless approval process and faster reimbursements. In fact, with Wise, over 60% of all payments settle instantly (in under 20 seconds), and 94% settle within 24 hours.

This service will not only boost employee satisfaction, but also strengthen business’ financial agility by giving finance teams greater insight into every transaction and their true cash flow. With less room for error, less money spent on fees and transparency on the cost of every transaction, Webexpenses customers will have more time to focus on their core business. This solution will be valuable for organisations of all sizes.

Andrew May, Managing Director at Webexpenses, said: “In today’s world, the last thing employees want is delayed expense claim reimbursements. With our new solution, our clients can leave clunky processes in the past, and easily pay their business expenses all in one day.

“Thanks to our partnership with Wise Platform, clients are now able to make payments directly within the Webexpenses software. We look forward to working together to innovate and transform the way businesses manage their expenses.”

Steve Naudé, Managing Director of Wise Platform, said: “By teaming up with Webexpenses, we are bringing faster, lower-cost international payment solutions to more businesses around the world.

“Global expense management is a vital component of business operations today, but it can be a hassle. With Webexpenses, businesses can now process payments securely and efficiently, gain clarity on their finances and increase productivity by freeing up time to focus on what really matters most to them.”

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