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Thursday, March 30, 2023
City Week 2023

Revolv3 announces strategic partnership with Worldpay

Subscription billing SaaS platform, Revolv3, today officially announced the kick-off of their strategic partnership with Worldpay. As stated in the October 2022 Nilson Report, Worldpay is the world’s largest payment processor. The partnership is a display of Revolv3’s progress in expanding the available number of options for payment routing, providing dynamic routing, and improved authorization rates for merchants and Industry Software Vendors (ISVs).  

Revolv3 is a preferred partner of Worldpay and, with the newly established partnership, sets out to deliver best in class services for merchants who need payment processing, risk mitigation, or pushing the boundary of payment optimization and insights. For merchants and ISVs, this means greater value in terms of ease-of-use and integration of the payment service across their website and app, as well as the benefits of Worldpay’s uncompromising data and insights.

“Worldpay’s market leading payment innovation, combined with their global presence, makes their partnership a valuable addition for Revolv3 merchants and ISVs. Worldpay continues to impress in Fintech enablement, data and fraud insights, and crypto acceptance in addition to their core FIS products and services.”  Robert Podlesni, CPO at Revolv3.

At its core, Revolv3 believes in the quality rather than quantity of integrations and partnerships. The Revolv3 platform is directly integrated with Worldpay’s full suite of payment services, ensuring that every transaction achieves in the highest probability of success. This makes online payments simpler, reduces involuntary churn, and provides uninterrupted services to consumers. Higher first-pass approvals mean more money collected with less money spent.  

As the world’s largest payment processor, clients around the world and across industries have built and run their businesses on Worldpay’s payments, banking and investment fintech software, and Revolv3 plans to utilize direct integrations to all of Worldpay’s US and international platforms as they continue to grow and iterate.

“Our partnership with Revolv3 further demonstrates our commitment to providing our merchants with strategic solutions for payment optimization,” said Michelle Henderson, Head of Enterprise Partnerships for North America at Worldpay. “This partnership comes at the perfect time as merchants are increasingly eager to increase acceptance, control costs, and simplify payment”.

Both partners have a core competency in payment routing, cost vs revenue analysis, and advocating on behalf of merchants and industries. As a shared objective, Revolv3 and Worldpay seek to provide easy-to-implement, transparent, and best in class technology to their merchant clients and platform partners.

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