Sunday, June 23, 2024

Middesk Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

The business identity platform, Middesk, has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. Middesk helps banks, lenders, payments providers, and other financial institutions verify their commercial customers so they can onboard the right businesses and enable them to transact faster.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with NayaOne. With this collaboration, we jointly enable more banks and fintechs to verify the legitimacy of businesses in a digital and automated way. Middesk’s Business Verification solution ensures that financial institutions say ‘yes’ to more businesses while meeting strict compliance and regulatory requirements. “Kyle Mack CEO and Co-founder, Middesk

“We’re excited to welcome Middesk to the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. With the growing instances of online fraud, it’s essential for banks and financial institutions to mitigate potential risks, offer more accurate identity verification processes, shorten onboarding times, and improve customer experience.” Varun Resh Marketplace Manager, NayaOne

To satisfy compliance requirements and mitigate risk, banks and financial institutions spend too much time and money manually verifying business. This results in a degraded customer experience and drop-off in customer conversions during the onboarding process.

Middesk offers instant access to the data and documents necessary to verify and monitor business customers. Unlike other data providers, Middesk has built direct data pipelines to first party government sources, including the 50 Secretaries of State, the IRS and USPS. Middesk data is continuously refreshed, ensuring that banks are decisioning on accurate and most up-to-date business data.

With Middesk, banks and other financial institutions can:
Instantly access everything they need to know about a business (KYB) and its associated people (KYC) to quickly transact with their business customers throughout their lifecycle.

Automatically source supporting evidence such as Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Good Standing for their Customer Identification Program (CIP), reducing back-and-forth with customers.

Automate Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements and identify high-risk entities by classifying a business’ industry and conducting screening for adverse media, U.S. and global watchlist hits and sanctions, and politically exposed persons (PEP).

Streamline the underwriting process with comprehensive risk signals by automatically retrieving lien (UCC & tax), litigation, and bankruptcy data on a business.

Perform continuous KYB by monitoring proactive alerts around changes to SOS data, watchlist hits, and bankruptcies.

Build delightful customer experiences by seamlessly integrating Middesk’s API or leveraging their easy to use dashboard.

Middesk’s customers achieve a range of benefits, including satisfying compliance requirements at scale to know your business customers with confidence, and digitising their onboard experience to reduce friction and increase auto-approval rates.

Leading US Banks, Lenders, and Payments Providers Improve KYB Auto-approval Rates

Middesk has over 300 customers across the United States. It currently serves Shopify, Bluevine, Mercury, as well as many other large national, regional, and community banks, lenders, and payments providers.

Two of the top 5 US national banks are Middesk customers. They use Middesk to verify the legitimacy of businesses they work with, while adhering to strict regulatory compliance requirements. Middesk has helped these clients replace dated manual and cumbersome processes with an automated and digital flow, allowing financial institutions to significantly improve their KYB auto-approval rates.

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