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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Fin.do partners with VISA to enable instant cross-border money transfers

Global money transfer platform Fin.do announced its service is now available to VISA cardholders. Launched in 2019, Fin.do has become a leading new generation money transfer application.
The partnership with VISA, the world’s leader in digital payments, will open access to instant cross- border money transfers for millions of people via Visa Direct, VISA’s real-time push payments platform.

Cross-border payments globally are expected to reach $156 trillion in the coming years, with a rapid growth accelerated by major economies reemerging after 2020. In a landscape still dominated by banks, fintech startups such as Fin.do are set to disrupt the market by reducing transaction times, lowering costs, and enhancing accessibility to money management solutions.

Fin.do is the fastest, easiest way for anyone to transfer money in any currency, no matter where they are.

Users don’t need to create a new payment account, but simply connect their preferred payment cards to instantly start sending or receiving money. With 160+ supported currencies, Fin.do eliminates currency conversion charges as well as any hidden bank fees.

The partnership with VISA opens new avenues for Fin.do to bring its innovative solutions to millions of people in new geographies. Visa Direct will enable Fin.do customers to move money between VISA accounts within seconds, gaining instant access to their own funds.

“In today’s on-demand society, consumers and businesses alike require a smooth and frictionless payment journey. With Visa Direct, Fin.do marks an exciting milestone as part of its goal to connect people on a single platform where they can instantly access their funds and support their family and friends” – Zhana Dar, Founder and CEO

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