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Payment service launches Neighbour2Neighbour to support local communities

A new payment service is offering free person-to-person transfers during the coronavirus crisis. The aim is to make it easier for people in local communities who are helping neighbours unable to leave the house during this time.

With more than 65 per cent of people already offering or planning to support members of their community like the elderly or NHS workers with everyday tasks like shopping, Ordo has launched Ordo Neighbour2Neighbour.

The scheme means that people who are helping others in the community by collecting and paying for items such as prescriptions, shopping or other essentials, can use Ordo’s FCA regulated secure mobile and online payment service to easily make payments that are simple, swift and secure for both parties.

Craig Tillotson, CEO and co-founder of Ordo, said: “Every day, more and more people are offering their support to help members of the community – whether that’s NHS staff or other key workers, the elderly or those with medical conditions. In the current climate, many are unable to make cash or contactless payments themselves in store and are looking for safe ways to settle up with the people helping them.”

“Often these volunteers are supporting several people in the same street, and using Ordo not only makes simple work of processing individual transactions, it makes it easy for the person helping to keep track of the money they need to collect and know when they’ve been paid without asking or having to look in their bank account.” 

For the duration of Covid-19 social distancing and self-isolation Ordo is giving personal users 50 free smart requests for payment per month as its Neighbour2Neighbour offer. This is normally limited to five smart requests.

With more vulnerable people receiving help and support at this time, if the payer doesn’t have mobile or online banking they can pass the smart request from Ordo to someone else in their household or a close family member who can help them by making the payment on their behalf.


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