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Panvala Awards Token Grants to Ethereum Based Projects

Panvala, a decentralized foundation that funds projects built on the Ethereum blockchain, announces its third round of grant winners, voted on by the general public for the first time.

Every three months, Panvala token (PAN) grants are released and awarded to reputable projects that range in scope from enhancing security and scalability to developing infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. Token grants are funded by businesses who sponsor Panvala, and by Panvala Patrons, notable members of the Ethereum community who make personal donations to further advancements within the ecosystem. In return for donations, Panvala’s donors earn the loyalty of the Ethereum community they are supporting.

Joe Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and Ethereum contributor said: “Panvala is a perfect example of what we’ve set out to do with Ethereum in general: rethink timeless problems and create more powerful ways for people to cooperate and solve them. Panvala is an exciting new way for our community to fund our shared goals, and I’m happy to support it.”

Since its inception in 2018, Panvala has funded 19 projects that strengthen and scale the Ethereum network to its full potential. This round’s winners include:

  • BrightID, a decentralized network, focused on keeping fake accounts out of applications, only allowing for real human activity.

  • Gitcoin, a grant system that allows the community to monetize or incentivize Open Source Software work.

  • Plasma Group is creating a framework for developers to write Plasma apps that scale Ethereum on Layer 2.

  • Runtime Verification utilizes execution analysis techniques to enhance the safety, reliability, and credibility of software systems.

  • Status builds Ethereum 2.0 clients and other infrastructure to support their decentralized messenger software.

  • Tenderly is a smart contract monitoring platform featuring real-time Ethereum Virtual Network insights.

  • Upala is a digital identity system, an alternative to state-issued IDs, that distinguishes people from bots and clones.

Patrick MacKay, COO, Runtime Verification said: “We have long admired the incredible work the Panvala team does each and every day to make the Ethereum ecosystem more robust and secure. For that reason we are humbled and honored to receive this grant. With this award, Runtime Verification will continue on its mission to transform how developers and language designers secure their code, all as part of their transition to a new economy.”

Application deadline for the fourth round of grants is August 30. Those interested can submit project applications to [email protected].

“Our role as Ethereum community members isn’t to sit back and be spectators as our vision gets fulfilled. Our role is to contribute the funds and the work needed for us to make progress together. We’re happy that Panvala has been able to connect these great teams with the companies and individuals who donate to Panvala to move us forward.”

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