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Notabene and Coinfirm announce partnership

Notabene and Coinfirm announce partnership | Fintech Finance

Notabene, the leading FATF Travel Rule solution provider and Coinfirm, a leading RegTech and blockchain analytics provider are today announcing a collaborative partnership.

The Financial Action Task Force – the global AML watchdog – has outlined Recommendation 16, the ‘Travel Rule’, which stipulates VASPs must include key identifying information on counterparties to transactions. By partnering with Notabene, Coinfirm can leverage the firm’s scalable Travel Rule solution and deploy Notabene’s solution to Coinfirm’s community.

Notabene’s CEO Pelle Braendgaard: “We are excited to announce our partnership with Coinfirm. Through this partnership, Notabene customers can meet regulatory requirements, detect suspicious activity, and automate transactions at scale. This partnership is a significant step towards meeting the various jurisdictional needs of all stakeholders and will provide confidence for crypto businesses navigation regulatory requirements in new markets.”

Notabene’s SaaS solution enables crypto companies and financial institutions to manage regulatory and counterparty risk in crypto transactions.

With Notabene VASPs can:

– Embed proof-of-noncustodial-wallet ownership into their product.
– Discover, send and receive fully compliant blockchain transactions to any VASP through our VASP directory and proprietary multi-protocol switch.
– Set risk-based rules in the Rules Engine to automate compliance at scale.
– Manage Travel Rule data transfers from our compliance platform.

Due to Coinfirm’s and Notabene’s integration, firms can identify risk-related details about the beneficiary, leading them to make confident, comprehensive, and well-informed decisions to manage their AML/CFT risk.

“We are proud to partner with Notabene in the effort to create a safer blockchain economy. With this collaboration, the transparency of our ecosystem will be strengthened by deploying Notabene’s Travel Rule solution with our partners and clients in line with FATF’s Recommendation 16 guidelines.” – Barbara Hałasek, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Coinfirm

Coinfirm regularly enters into strategic compliance infrastructure partnerships that bring a strong benefit to all stakeholders in the community. These partnerships deliver enhanced value to Coinfirm’s crypto compliance solutions. This includes AML risk reports from 330+ risk checks and data points ranging from financial crime to counterparty identity, real-time cryptocurrency monitoring, tracking and investigation of funds, or customization of risk and analytics data.


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