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Nexi and Alpha Bank Join Forces for Digital Payments in Greece

Nexi and Alpha Bank Join Forces for Digital Payments in Greece | Fintech Finance

Nexi and Alpha Bank today confirmed that they have joined forces to transform merchant solutions in Greece and pave the way for a new era of digital payments in the country. The two Groups announced the creation of a new company, Nexi Payments Greece, which will provide innovative merchant solutions and payment acceptance products and services to the Greek market.

The announcement was made during a Press Conference earlier today in the presence of Minister of State Akis Skertsos, and her Excellency the Ambassador of Italy, Patrizia Falcinelli. The launch of the new company was hosted by the CEO of Nexi Group Paolo Bertoluzzo, the Alpha Bank Group CEO Vassilios Psaltis and the Nexi Payments Greece CEO Dionysis Grigoratos.

Enhancing the digitalization of businesses in Greece

The integrated solutions offered by the joint venture between Nexi and Alpha Bank, will allow merchants, citizens and public sector organizations to benefit from innovative and state-of-the-art services that will encourage the uptake of digital payment services in Greece.

Digital payments acceptance will be drastically upgraded to become faster, easier and more secure for merchants and businesses, through the provision of ready-to-use tools that will allow them to develop and manage their customers’ payments more easily. At the same time, end consumers will enjoy a new, simplified and cashless shopping experience.

Promoting a cashless payments culture

Nexi Payments Greece aspires to bring Greece a step closer to digital transformation and a cashless payments culture, by boosting payments digitalization, simplifying transactions and empowering merchants and consumers for a new era of payments. On the Press Event, Akis Skertsos, Minister of State, said: “Today, we welcome the partnership of two ‘national champions’, two leading groups in their sectors and countries, which aims to contribute to the digital transformation of the Greek economy. The digital transformation of the State and the economy is a national priority, with the main objective of making the Greek society fairer and the Greek democracy stronger. By adopting digital technologies, transactions of citizens and businesses become easier, thus increasing their trust to the State and Institutions. At the same time, digitization enhances the reforms in our tax administration to reduce tax evasion (e.g. universal connection of modern cash registers with the State, to reduce the gap in VAT collection), creating a virtuous circle, where increased tax revenues lead to further reduction of tax rates and thus enhancing our country’s investment prospects.

The steps taken in recent years towards digitization are complemented by the efforts of the private sector, such as in the cases of Alpha Bank and Nexi, which is another important foreign investor to give a vote of confidence in the Greek economy”.

Paolo Bertoluzzo, CEO of Nexi Group said: “Today we are proud to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Alpha Bank in Greece, resulting in the joint creation of Nexi Payments Greece, which will allow us to accelerate the process of modernization and digitalization of payments in the country. Together we will be providing citizens, merchants and public administration with an offer of innovative and technologically advanced solutions and services with the aim of making digital payments a daily experience that benefits the whole system.”

Vassilios Psaltis, Alpha Bank Group CEO stated: “Alpha Bank’s partnership with Nexi in the area of payments should be viewed in the context of our strategy to form alliances with global partners so as to provide top quality solutions to our Customers. We are excited with the level of engagement with our partners, and we are confident that our endeavor will transform the experience of digital payments in Greece, where our customers are rapidly embracing cashless payments”.

Dionysis Grigoratos, CEO of Nexi Payments Greece commented: “Today marks an important milestone, as both Alpha Bank and Nexi are entering into a new era of cooperation and strategic partnership. We are confident that through Nexi Payments Greece, we will be able to accelerate the transition into a cashless society. Today is also an important day because we announce the commencement of our actions that will turn our vision to reality. In the next days, in selected Alpha Bank stores initially and across the country soon after, two new innovative market solutions are being made available to merchants: the Nexi SoftPOS, for small and larger merchants, allowing them to turn their smartphone into a POS terminal that accepts all contactless payment methods, and the Smart POS Terminals, for larger merchants, enabling them to better manage their accounts, through new functionalities. In our first day, we are already providing solutions that are game-changers, and we are confident of the role we have to play in the revolution of the digital payments space in Greece”.


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