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Sunday, February 05, 2023
Saltedge Report

NetSuite implementation specialist Threadgold Consulting brings Sidetrade’s AI tech to SMEs

Forward thinking SMEs across the UK will now have a cutting-edge accounts receivable solution within their grasp, thanks to a new partnership between AI firm Sidetrade, and Threadgold Consulting.

Threadgold Consulting is a specialist NetSuite ERP consultancy, enabling businesses to use cutting edge SaaS products for efficiency, scalability, intelligence, and risk reduction. They also develop innovative proprietary solutions to address strategic gaps in the NetSuite software ecosystem.

Karl Threadgold, managing director of Threadgold Consulting, says the decision to partner with Sidetrade was easy, thanks to Sidetrade’s long history of delivering powerful accounts receivables (A/R) platforms based on AI technology.

“We are excited to take advantage of these enterprise-grade technologies for our customers, to augment the capabilities of the leading cloud-based ERP. NetSuite and Sidetrade complement each other extremely well, and we’re looking forward to bringing the power of Sidetrade’s solutions into the savvy and sophisticated SME market,” said Mr Threadgold.

Threadgold Consulting is passionate about finding the best solutions to fit NetSuite for business. Sidetrade supports CFOs with challenges such as improving working capital, accelerating cashflow generation and reducing bad debt. Sidetrade receivables solutions provide cashflow visibility in real time, improve collections, and increase customer satisfaction by resolving disputes faster.

Aimie, Sidetrade’s artificial intelligence assistant, automates A/R, generates credit management team workloads, and recommends the most effective customer dunning strategies. Aimie also takes on and automates many of the large-volume, repetitive tasks associated with accounts receivable, freeing up staff time for value-added work.

“There is huge potential to scale up significantly across the Netsuite user community. Our partnership will create a new entry point for smaller but scaling NetSuite user companies to get the edge over competitors. AI gives scaling companies a better handle on cash management, which means they can be less reliant on loans and other external funding. It also helps them show potential investors that they have responsible customer relations and cashflow, making them a more attractive investor opportunity,” says Sunil Pandit, partner and alliances lead at Sidetrade.

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