Monday, June 24, 2024

Nebeus, Crypto & TradFi app, launches Virtual VISA Debit Card

Nebeus, the Financial app for Crypto Hodlers, announced the launch of the first Nebeus Card backed by VISA, available all around European markets. This move puts Nebeus into the spotlight, as its already powerful cryptocurrency platform starts to gain space among other crypto banks.

Nebeus, which has its headquarters in Barcelona, specialises in bridging crypto and traditional finance by providing a financial framework with customer personal EU IBANs and UK Sort code accounts connected to a whole crypto ecosystem. On one side, Nebeus Money Accounts function just like a bank, while on the other, Nebeus Crypto Account enables users to have a digital wallet and exchange, earn rewards on cryptocurrency through staking and renting, borrow cryptocurrency, and store their digital assets in an insured cold wallet for free.

The Nebeus Debit Card completes Nebeus’ financial services by combining it with the benefits of VISA, allowing users to spend directly from their Nebeus accounts.

The card offers:

Connection to Nebeus Money Account: Nebeus Card allows users to spend easily their funds held on their Nebeus IBANs . Among other features, customers are able to receive their salary, make third-party payments, and most importantly, have a seamless connection to Nebeus Crypto Account to transfer money for crypto investments.

Availability in European markets: The debit card is available all around Europe supporting Euros or GBP currencies and accepted in Visa’s 80 million locations worldwide.

Michael Stroev, COO and Head of Product, at Nebeus states: “We’re delighted to keep innovating in payments by increasing the accessibility of digital assets across the ecosystem. With this, Nebeus reaches another level of integration and offers a solid connection of everyday payments with superior crypto services. It is a significant accomplishment for us and the most recent illustration of the enormous complementarity between the current banking system and digital assets”.

For upcoming development phases of Nebeus’ Debit Card, we are working to add Apple Pay and Google Pay so customers can use it for paying directly from any device. Moreover, the physical version of the debit cards are on the pipeline for later this year to complete the offer and suit everyone’s preferences.

On top of that, Nebeus is planning to launch a credit line to allow people to spend worldwide without having to sell their cryptocurrencies, and in this way, linking in a greater level the crypto world into everyday expenditures.

Michael Stroev, adds: “With the Nebeus Card, and all the further developments, we hope to contribute towards global financial inclusion.”

Last year, Nebeus was registered by the Bank of Spain as a cryptocurrency custodian and a Virtual Assets Service Provider.

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