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MyCointainer Announces Technical Integration with Fireblocks

MyCointainer Announces Technical Integration with Fireblocks | Fintech Finance

MyCointainer, an easy-to-use platform that enables retail users to stake their crypto assets, is integrating Fireblocks’ highly secure crypto technology onto their platform to bring further digital assets exposure to mainstream audiences.

The crypto industry has come a long way in the past years. Cashless transactions are a new reality and the norm in most parts of the world. The integration with Fireblocks puts the MyCointainer community at the epicenter of this growing payment industry with multiple exciting opportunities to explore.

MyCointainer will issue an unlimited number of Fireblocks wallets to users, which will result in community growth and an even better user experience. This strategic partnership aims to combine the advantages of the trusted and secured Fireblocks wallet and the easy-to-use MyCointainer staking platform. They will collaborate to integrate a seamless and scalable Fireblocks wallet to deliver a strong payment system with a high level of blockchain-provided security to members.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

MyCointainer and Fireblocks have a common vision of increasing user participation in the DeFi ecosystem by making the user’s interaction with DeFi protocols smooth and effortless. Together, they hope to build secure and reliable solutions for the onboarding experience of MyCointainer community members. It is a proud moment for MyCointainer to become part of an ecosystem like this and be able to reach out to the more significant number of community members and bring DeFi financial inclusion to our community.


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