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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Minted brings gold standard of investing during crisis

As gold hits an all-time high since 2011, investment app Minted is giving millennial investors options through fractionalisation, making it easier to access investment opportunities that have fared better than traditional stocks and shares during the COVID-crisis.

Although the price of gold is up, we’re still at a time when investment – generally – is frightening to many – particularly those with little disposable income. Gold, however, continues to prove a safe bet, and due to its reliably consistent value, many millennials are turning to the precious commodity for the long term, limiting risk and maximising gain.

Launched with ‘Generation Zoom’ in mind, Minted is empowering everyday consumers to buy gold at a pace that suits them, building up their investment from fractions of a bar to accumulate sustainable wealth over time. The easy-to-navigate platform makes buying gold simple for anyone looking to invest by removing barriers to entry like high fees. The app allows for fractional investment, meaning that customers can put aside as little as £30 per month, building up their ‘partial’ bars to build inventory without having to splurge thousands of pounds at a time.

In order to provide these investment opportunities to their growing customer base, Minted has brought onboarding technology in from identity intelligence provider, GBG, to support in 1) validating customers are who they say they are, 2) to power a seamless sign-up process while conducting due diligence checks, and 3) ensure users are able to access to the functionalities that matter.

Minted is using three of GBG’s solutions to power access to the app’s functionality in full:

  • Loqate, which captures address information globally to verify and enhance identity verification
  • ID3global, which verifies customer identity, age, and banking details with zero-friction
  • IDscan, which captures and authenticates identity documents within seconds

In leveraging these tools, Minted is able to provide a seamless, holistic onboarding experience for customers, improving overall user experience and allowing customers to start investing within moments of signing up!

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