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Saturday, November 26, 2022

MDOTM Launches Sphere: The AI-Powered Platform for Institutional Investors

MDOTM, the global provider of AI-driven investment solutions for institutional investors, launches Sphere: a no-code platform that leverages AI to provide unbiased investment inputs and manage portfolios. MDOTM’s new solution allows investment professionals to easily integrate AI into their investment process to perform data analysis, build market views, and create forward-looking investment portfolios. The new solution – exclusively for institutional investors – was presented following a successful pre-launch phase that involved over 15 financial institutions (including banks, insurance companies, asset managers and family offices) using the platform over the past year to support their investment decisions.

Every day, Sphere analyses millions of market, fundamental, and macroeconomic data points to study market regimes and provide unbiased market views across asset classes, geographies, and sectors to support asset allocation and portfolio management.

Tommaso Migliore, CEO & Co-founder of MDOTM, commented: “We see the future of asset management heading towards a closer integration of technology with human experience. Sphere is the result of Artificial Intelligence’s latest evolutions and the experience that MDOTM has gained over the years working alongside its institutional clients. Our no-code platform allows investment professionals to integrate the inputs provided by Artificial Intelligence to monitor market trends, create, and rebalance of portfolios, all whilst taking into account personalised views and scenario analyses.”

Founded in London, MDOTM advises numerous financial institutions, supporting their investment processes and the development of new investment solutions, such as AI-driven discretionary mandates, funds and certificates. Selected by Google and awarded among the top AI companies in 2022, the company has raised over $10 million from institutional investors and finance professionals. Thanks to its team of over 50 physicists, data scientists, and finance professionals, MDOTM is among the world’s largest AI-focused investmentteams.

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