" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Little Birdie has partnered with Bud to deliver intelligent subscription management services to help its customers combat the cost-of-living crisis
Friday, December 01, 2023

Little Birdie has partnered with Bud to deliver intelligent subscription management services to help its customers combat the cost-of-living crisis

New subscription and bill management app, Little Birdie has announced its partnership with Bud, an open banking platform specialising in data intelligence, to help customers struggling with soaring costs manage their subscriptions and offer more control over their finances during the cost of living crisis. With 32% of people aged 18-34 regretting the subscriptions bought during the pandemic, and 41% fearing regular subscription payments could push them into debt, Little Birdie is using Bud’s Engage Product to identify subscriptions and engage more with their finances.

Bud’s aggregation and intelligence services (Aggregation, Categorisation and Regular Payments) will form the foundation of Little Birdie’s subscription management solution. Bud will provide the ability for customers to connect their accounts via Open Banking, and enrich the data using AI models to identity regular payments, upcoming payments and subscriptions.

Identifying the subscriptions from a customer’s transactions is just the first step, Little Birdie offers a ‘Click to Cancel’ feature which simplifies the cancellation process by allowing customers to cancel contracts within the Little Birdie App. This is currently available for over 400 providers – such as Spotify and Disney+ – with more to follow in the coming months.

Edward Maslaveckas, Bud Founder and CEO, said: “We are proud that our Engage Product will become part of Little Birdies’s new subscription management proposition, which will help people across the UK manage their spending at a time when it is needed most. Little Birdie are using Bud’s transaction intelligence to underpin their ability to accurately identify subscriptions, regular payments and other key transactions in order to help customers engage with their finances. We are happy to be part of this journey and looking forward to making a real difference working with Little Birdie.”

Martin Bould, Co-founder of Little Birdie, said: “With the cost of living crisis pushing household budgets to breaking point, people are desperate for a simple solution which gives them more control over their finances.

“Our partnership with Bud allows users to connect the Little Birdie app directly and securely to their bank accounts using open banking – seamlessly allowing us to identify all their regular payments – and manage their subscriptions in one place. This then makes it easier for users to view, switch and cancel regular payments meaning they can secure better value for money when finances are tighter than ever.”

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