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Leading referencing platform, Veri-Check, launches licensing solution with Kamma that makes agents money, saves them time, and offers peace of mind

Leading referencing platform, Veri-Check, launches licensing solution with Kamma that makes agents money, saves them time, and offers peace of mind | Fintech Finance

Geospatial technology firm Kamma are starting the year with yet another partnership, this time with leading tenant referencing platform, Veri-Check. The referencing platform had already partnered with Kamma in 2020 to provide its users with instant property licensing checks, helping them stay on top of their compliance amidst regulations changing all the time around the country. The partnership has now been bolstered by an announcement that, in addition to providing instant licensing checks, Veri-Check users will now be able to instruct Kamma to complete the license application directly from the platform, saving them a huge amount of time and hassle.

The growth of discretionary licensing schemes across the 408 local authorities in the UK has created a complex web of rules and regulations that landlords and agents have to follow, with unlicensed properties leading to fines and Rent Repayment Orders. Complying with licensing regulations is an ongoing burden that agents must deal with. This partnership marks a landmark step forward in Kamma’s ambition to solve property licensing for letting agents, removing complexity and freeing up time to focus on core business.

Veri-Check users will now be able to instruct on licence applications directly from their platform at the same time as pursuing references. This is an ideal time to deal with licensing as the tenant makeup of the property is known, and a licence can be applied for before the tenancy starts.

This innovative partnership has come about to remove complexity from letting agents’ daily lives and to provide their business with new ways to generate revenue. As Kamma CEO, Orla Shields, explains:

“We are thrilled to announce this fantastic partnership with Veri-Check, which will enable their users to stay compliant with changing licensing regulations much more easily and free themselves up to focus on their core business”.

“This partnership is particularly exciting as we expect to see more letting agents recognise licence applications as a potential new revenue stream rather than purely a compliance burden. We anticipate that agents will take this more as an upsell opportunity, delivering a premium service for their landlords whilst also being able to make a mark-up on the licence application fee. With the administrative burden removed thanks to our partnership, this can act as a new source of passive revenue for any letting agencies affected by property licensing schemes”.

Su Colledge, Director, Veri-Check also commented “Our partnership with Kamma leads the way in ensuring compliance, despite licensing complexity, as simply as possible within the existing referencing process, and we are thrilled to be able to extend the service further through our trusted relationship with Kamma to offer a hassle-free licensing application accompanied by income generation. With ever increasing licensing schemes and focus on enforcement, this is a quick and simple solution for peace of mind”.

Kamma is a world-leading geospatial technology company based in the UK. It specialises in creating unique data and solutions from disparate information for the property and financial sectors. Kamma works with organisations throughout the BTL value chain, providing unique data that wins new instructions, creates new revenue streams and slashes the operational cost of compliance.

Veri-Check is a UK-based advanced referencing platform specialising in tenant referencing checks for lettings agents, private landlords and build to rent providers. It uniquely offers solutions to manage referencing fully through our NFOPP trained & experienced referencing team, or to utilise our platform in-house, thus providing a bespoke solution to match the requirements of BTL businesses of any size. Their systems, integrations and partnerships are key to providing a one-stop shop for a smooth pre tenancy checking process and strong income generation whilst ensuring compliance peace of mind.


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