Monday, June 24, 2024

KoverNow Launches Watch Insurance for Single Trips or Occasional Use

KoverNow, an insurtech specialising in digitally-enabled cover, has announced a new service specifically designed to fully insure luxury watches on-demand, only as and when it is needed, for trips abroad, special occasions where an expensive watch will be worn, or similar requirements.

Responding to the growing popularity of high-end and designer watch collectors and owners in Singapore, and the increasing incidence of overseas theft, KoverNow is offering short-term cover for customers who are travelling, or who only wear their precious timepieces on special occasions, without the need for a twelve-month policy. The insurance can be activated when needed, and deactivated once the watch is safely stored again, by using the KoverNow mobile app. The premiums to be paid will be calculated based on the current market value of the watch and will be re-calculated every 30 days. If a customer should lose or damage their watch during the insurance period, they will receive exactly the value that was last calculated.

Using KoverNow is simply a matter of downloading the app onto a smartphone. Customers can then enter the details of their items or full collection to be insured into the KoverNow free vault. This provides an immediate market value as well as the premium to provide cover. There are no brokers involved and no paperwork. Simply switch the insurance on in order to put cover in place.

Stephan Kaiser, CEO of KoverNow, said: “Many of our users keep their valuables in safe storage for much of the time, but if they are travelling or attending an important event, they want the flexibility of insurance that can come into force for just a few days or weeks rather than a fixed annual arrangement. The new policy available on our fully digital platform enables this, providing competitive premiums and ultimately complete flexibility.”

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