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Monday, June 05, 2023

Klear.ai Acquires the Inform Business of Cloud Software Group, Inc.

Klear.ai, a pioneer in native AI insurance software solutions for claims, risk and analytic solutions, today announced the successful acquisition of the Inform business (Inform), of Cloud software Group, Inc. (Cloud Software Group). Inform is a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) provider of the Cloud Software Group.

“We are incredibly pleased to welcome the Inform business and Inform’s valued customers to Klear.ai. This strategic move fortifies Klear.ai’s position as an industry leader in native AI Risk and Claims Management software, with Inform’s 35-year track record of maximizing risk analysis, enhancing safety, and improving operations. The complementary offerings of Klear.ai and the Inform business create a compelling value proposition for businesses seeking innovative, future-focused risk management solutions.” – Brijesh Kumar, CEO of Klear.ai

Craig Weiss, who is joining Klear.ai after 22 years as part of the Inform team, echoed Kumar’s excitement, saying, “I am delighted about Klear.ai’s forward-thinking vision and the impact they are bringing to this industry. As we looked to the future needs of Inform Application and our valued customers, we researched the market and determined that Klear.ai offered both excellent technology, superior customer support as well as a business synergy that would produce a winning combination to both. I believe our risk experience and RMIS expertise will complement our ability to bring industry leading, comprehensive risk management solutions to the market.”

The integration of Inform’s comprehensive and user-friendly RMIS into Klear.ai’s existing risk, claims and analytics product suite will benefit insurance providers, self-insured organizations, and government entities. The combination will enable customers to make better-informed decisions and gain a complete, accurate view of their risk landscape.

Brijesh Kumar, CEO of Klear.ai, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to have Inform as part of Klear.ai. With our native AI-based risk and claims software, Inform is a natural fit for our vision of delivering advanced solutions for businesses to predict risks before they result in unfavorable reputations or financial performance.”

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