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Friday, December 08, 2023

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King of the Disruptors’ Brett King backs Innovative CryptoBank’s ICO

Following its successful pre-ICO campaign last month, CryptoBank and blockchain lender, Nebeus, welcomes the man known as the “King of the Disruptors”, Brett King, as advisor and shareholder.
Nebeus’ ICO, due to close on January 10th 2018, is unlike many other initial coin offerings (ICOs) because the company is already well-established and has been servicing customers and generating revenue for several years.  
Raising funds for a fully-regulated CryptoBank with its Nebeus tokens (NBTK), Nebeus is set to be one of the first platforms to provide MasterCards linked directly to its crypto-currency accounts. Allowing for fiat ATM cash withdrawals and fiat payments in the retail environment and enabling token-holders to receive a fair distribution of a 20% share of Platform commissions.
Nebeus philosophy in a nutshell
Nebeus is a p2p, crypto-currency platform with a host of financial services. Customers can buy, sell, remit, and even finance crypto-currency funds.
Built primarily on the blockchain, Nebeus aims to develop a convenient, client-oriented service, with highly-efficient processes; reducing the burden of costs on end-consumers, while at the same time meeting demand in a booming crypto-currency market.
The platform’s transparent eco-system will enable secure and convenient access to financial services and products built on the blockchain, thanks to its use of smart contracts.
Nebeus’ philosophy is one of individuals providing value, being rewarded fairly. At the same time, consumers who wish to access financial services and products should be able to do so in a secure and equally-fair environment. In this current age, Nebeus believes anyone should have the ability to issue their own loan or insurance effectively by making banking a commodity – the exact purpose of the Nebeus platform.
Regulations-wise, Nebeus was built with compliance fully in mind, as it aims to meet and exceed global regulatory requirements – only achievable though the blockchain’s distributed ledger properties, and creating a platform with unparalleled transparency, fairness, and security for all parties involved.
How the platform Nebeus works
Unlike other platforms, the Nebeus platform has already been operating successfully for several years – remaining one of the most trusted crypto-currency lending platforms in the market.
Nebeus users can buy or sell crypto-currencies with over 13 fiat currencies while simultaneously having access to financing options to lend and borrow funds in Bitcoin.
Lenders investing through Nebeus have stable profitability exceeding 120% p.a – with the platform  facilitating this income stream by developing the provision of loans to reliable borrowers. Nebeus also allows for the easy remittance of crypto-currencies across the globe; overcoming high fees and restrictions of traditional remittances.
Remittances can be completed through the platform’s app – with users being able to send and request payments from registered Nebeus users, as well as individuals who are not registered on the platform, without restrictions.
Fully-functional crypto-currency wallet
The platform also provides an integrated and fully-functional crypto-currency wallet, with a user- friendly interface and wide-range of functions for user convenience.
Unique features include:
  • the ability to send express requests for funds by email;
  • using QR-codes to set-up instant payment details; and
  • transferring funds with just one click
A fully-fledged and intuitive trading platform
Traders are provided the tools needed for successful trading in the digital-assets market.
Like all interfaces on the platform, Nebeus’ trading interface is elegantly designed to allow for straightforward, efficient trades. Users have access to a clear view of open orders and closed transactions, while real-time interactive graphs show market price, sales volume of crypto-currency and historical data – all in one easy-to-manage platform.
P2P trading will be another premium feature
Here, users can manually open bids by directly negotiating with each other. For additional efficiency, Nebeus will enable a wide-range of payment settlement options including offline and cash payments for traders.
Software Development Kit (SDK) and Smart Contracts library
Should other businesses or developers want to build on Nebeus’ offerings, the platform provides and encourages third-party tools to develop services based on the platform. By providing an open Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as a library of smart contracts and other support tools, developers can draw on Nebeus’ features in their own projects.
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