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JustCarbon and Nemesis Technologies Collaborate on Carbon Offsetting

JustCarbon and Nemesis Technologies Collaborate on Carbon Offsetting | Fintech Finance

Pioneering blockchain carbon marketplace, JustCarbon, that simplifies offsetting carbon emissions and supports high-quality carbon removal projects to combat climate change, has announced a partnership with the largest digital VC fund, Nemesis Technologies. The world leading fund will incorporate carbon offsetting with carbon credits from JustCarbon (JCRs) into every transaction the fund makes, making all deals fully carbon neutral.  

The Nemesis fund is built to back entrepreneurial scientists, who design and build the innovative technologies of tomorrow.  According to a report in January from Dealroom, 2021 was a record year for venture capital globally with over $625billion raised by startups, double 2020’s previous high, with technology dominating investment. With so many deals taking place in this space, the partnership is seen as a hugely positive step forward for climate action.  

JustCarbon are the first blockchain carbon ecosystem to commoditise carbon dioxide removal using credits derived from the highest-quality, nature-based projects and verified to the highest international standards. Carbon credits are a vital tool to finance sequestration of the world’s unavoidable emissions by safeguarding existing carbon removal projects while funding the development of new projects.  JustCarbon is designed to make it simpler and more efficient for both buyers and sellers of credits from these projectsto engage with each other. 

Pierre Mauries, Founder, General Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Nemesis Technologies said:  

“Sustainable Investing has failed its very first Big Test. We have spent most of the last 5 decades running out the clock while gorging ourselves at an all-you-can-eat petrochemical buffet. So we’ve decided to design the reckoning that is coming. That reckoning is about tangible, measurable, impactful & sustainable actual Carbon Emission Removal & Capture technology developments. JustCarbon has created the very digital foundation of that and Demand for Carbon Removal is piking as never seen before, with clearer path to commercialization. Partnering up with JustCarbon is a long-built vision for us at Nemesis, and our goal is straight-forward: We can, and we will zero out our new emissions through our Portfolio companies, even in industries notoriously hard to decarbonize. Removal is Removal. It means we will actively mop up 170 years of extractive sludge milk we’ve already spilled. Removal means we actually grab carbon pollution already out there, through breakthrough CCUS & DAC technologies, and sock it away permanently. Carbon is expensive, and removing it from energy, services, goods, ultimately translates into profits.” 

John Auckland, co-founder and Council member at JustCarbon, added:  

We are delighted to be able to take this step forward for climate action with Nemesis Technologies.  We developed JustCarbon to ensure that climate action is transparent and accessible to increase trust and liquidity, whilst being environmentally sound. To be able to integrate carbon offsetting, ensuring that climate action projects remain funded in the future, with such a large and pioneering platform is a one of the many steps forward needed to further fund climate change projects.” 

Offsetting can be accessed through the JustCarbon website in a few simple clicks. JCR tokens are also listed on the Digifinex, Coinsbit, Coinstore, The Crypto Climate Exchange, P2PB2B and XT exchanges.  


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