Monday, June 24, 2024

Julia Streets Tells Us How Organisations Can Better Shape Diversity & Talent Acquisition

For this exclusive conversation in the FF studio, Julia Streets the Founder & CEO of Streets Consulting sits down with Douglas Mackenzie for a discussion about diversity in talent acquisition. As CEO of Streets Consulting, Julia works closely with financial organisations and in this video, she gives her insight into the actions that organisations can take to diversify their talent pools.

“This is something I’m really really passionate about. I started a podcast about 15 seasons ago called the Diverse-City podcast and I’ve interviewed the Governor of the Bank of England, right through to small unheard-of networks.”

“When we think about diversity, equity and inclusion; it’s really important to remember we think about the entire spectrum. So that’s gender. That’s obviously ethnic minority representation. We think about LGBT, we think about disability both visible and invisible, and we think about cognitive and neurodiversity.”

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