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Thursday, June 13, 2024

IXOPAY partners with Payaut

Leading payment orchestration platform IXOPAY has partnered with marketplace payout specialist, Payaut. This fully agnostic partnership will give marketplaces and platforms the independence and flexibility they need when it comes to their payment set-up.

An issue many marketplaces struggle with is not only finding the right payment methods for their users but also a partner who is able to handle the complex task of payouts that marketplaces demand. With more stakeholders involved, the more complex it becomes. With IXOPAY and Payaut, clients can independently connect to their preferred payment methods of choice. Payaut performs the KYC check of the sellers, giving the marketplace/platform the flexibility to easily swap PSPs, providing them a better user experience.

IXOPAY’s scalable architecture gives merchants the best payments processing options per country, with intelligent routing, cascading, and unparalleled risk management function. As a best-of-breed payment orchestration platform, users also benefit from centralized reconciliation and settlements, along with simplified integration of acquirers, payment service providers, and risk service providers.

Payaut is a licensed European payment institute founded in 2019 by payment industry and eCommerce experts. Its mission is to provide the best e-commerce experience for operators and users of online marketplaces. Payaut’s payment solution ensures that money flowing through online marketplaces ends up with the right seller, whether it is an individual or a business.

The platform acts as a link between the payment service provider and the sellers. With Payaut, the marketplace is automatically PSD2 compliant, as the platform takes care of the day-to-day hurdles of payouts, split payments and KYC, and more. Payaut’s flexible payment solution lets platforms connect with the PSPs of their choice. Resulting in the highest authorization rates, unlimited payment methods, and reduced downtimes.

“Independence is something that we at IXOPAY value. Our mission is to provide our clients with a payment experience that keeps them in complete control. Partnering with Payaut is a natural step, as they share the same values. Together, our marketplace and platform clients will get the fully agnostic payment solution they deserve.’ Said Laura Allan, VP Partnerships, Marketing & Business Development at IXOPAY.

“IXOPAY shares our values of independence, agnosticism and flexibility. Currently, common marketplace payment service provider (PSP) solutions do not allow platforms to work with multiple PSPs. Marketplace sellers would have to go through the KYC process again with each new PSP the marketplace wants to add. With this partnership, we want to open up more payment options for marketplaces and platforms, avoid multiple KYC checks and allow them to get the best possible results through payment orchestration.

I look forward to seeing what we can do together.’ added Ernst van Niekerk, CEO of Payaut. 

By working with IXOPAY and Payaut, marketplaces and platforms will benefit from a fully agnostic payment setup.

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