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International Women’s Day 2020 – how can we inspire more women to enter banking technology?

Sunday 8 March marks International Women’s Day 2020. To celebrate the role women are playing in advancing financial technology in Europe, Auriga, a leading supplier of technological solutions for the omnichannel banking and payments industries asked its colleagues what inspired them to join the banking technology industry, and what advice they would give to young girls considering a career in the sector.

Rosvanna D’Amico, Product Engineer, Auriga was drawn by the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment. She comments: “The competitive environment of the banking sector offers plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. Working in the banking sector is versatile – it is highly motivating for people looking to develop their personality.”

Jessica Elorde, Data Scientist, Auriga shares the same sentiment as she feels that she is constantly learning on the job and developing new skills at work: “Learning for me will always be an achievement. By working here, I was able to discover a whole new world that was initially beyond my imagination and comprehension. By learning, I was also able to teach others what I learnt, and together we were able to create something we are proud of.”

Antonella Montanarella, Administration and Treasury Manager, Auriga noted it was her curiosity and attraction towards an industry that is leading the global economy, which led her to her current role. Speaking of her achievements to-date, she said: “I can’t quite pinpoint one achievement in particular, because what I’m most proud of is being part of a successful team dealing with constantly evolving projects.”

But how can we inspire more women to join the industry? Carmen Fioretti and Sidorela Bojaxhi, Software Engineers at Auriga share their top tips for young women thinking about entering the sector: “I feel that if you have a passion, if you are curious about this world, you have to hold on and move on. We need to be inventive, understand the needs of the community, and always try to be one step ahead”, advises Fioretti.

Bojaxhi agrees, “Keep persisting! If you are truly interested in something and work hard, you can achieve anything! Always try to keep a very open mind, because one thing is pretty certain: change is constant in this industry. Every day brings a new opportunity and you have to run and catch it.”

Angela Caruso, Metrics and Measurements Analyst, Auriga advises young people considering a career in banking technology to remember: “Being able to work in a team and ready to adapt is key, but what more junior staff may not realise is that having a point of view, an opinion on things and being willing to voice it is also a great quality. That’s how we can solve problems and drive innovation.”


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