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Sunday, February 05, 2023
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Worldline Partners with GIE SESAM Vitale to Secure the Digitalization of Carte Vitale on Smartphones

Worldline has joined forces with GIE SESAM-Vitale, a major player in the digital transformation of the French healthcare sector, in an innovation partnership to secure the dematerialization of the Carte Vitale on smartphones. The new Carte Vitale app will offer all insured persons the possibility for online identification, as well as authentication solutions. This enables them to access both the same services as with the physical Carte Vitale, and new online functions.

Securing the use of 20 million apCVs by 2025: a national security and innovation challenge 

The smartphone transforms the relationship between citizens and digital services. Citizens expect to always have all possible services on their smartphone, and in mobile situations. Thanks to the “apCV” application installed on their mobile, every citizen will soon be able to use their phone as a simple connection in their healthcare pathway and, more generally, to access the rapidly expanding digital services. The operational flexibility offered by the mobile phone must obviously be accompanied by the means to reinforce the protection of the highly sensitive information it contains, as well as access to the services offered.  

Worldline, a major player in the security of online payments and sensitive dematerialised operations on smartphones 

It is in this context that Worldline naturally applied to help define the future security solution for the apCV based on its capabilities in terms of Mobile Security and Authentication Services. 

The complete expertise of Worldline’s strong mobile authentication solution, deployed for the past ten years by many banks in Europe for the strong customer authentication of online payments (in accordance with the PSD2, Payment Services Directive 2), secures the dematerialisation of cards or payment terminals (HCE and HPE payments). With the digitisation of critical services (payment, health, transport, etc.), all sectors need to strengthen security to counter fraud, as more than 40% of smartphones were targeted by cyber-attacks in 2020.  

Claire Deprez – Pipon, Global Product Manager Authentication Services at Worldline: “Thanks to our extensive experience in the digitization of payments on smartphones, we can leverage this high security expertise for GIE SESAM-Vitale and propose to all sectors and all use cases,  our highest level of security assets for mobile security and authentication services. That is why we are very proud to contribute to this project and help creating a smooth, streamlined experience for all insured persons.” 

An innovation that can benefit everyone 

The innovation partnership concerns the definition, development and deployment of a modern solution, securing the new Carte Vitale application and its associated exchanges, as well as for local use by health professionals, or remotely for access to state administrative services via a substantial digital identity. All the security features of the new mobile app must be on the same level of security as the physical card. The research and development phase started in mid-February and will run through the end of 2021. Afterwards, one of the partners will be selected to further develop and deploy the technology.

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