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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Vitesse Now Facilitates 100% Of ManyPets’ Online Claims Payouts

ManyPets, the award-winning pet insurance provider, has partnered with Vitesse to facilitate 100% of claims payouts processed through their automated claims system, “Millie”.

ManyPets has made significant strides to improve the claims journey for their pet parents. The percentage of UK claims processed by Millie has increased to more than 40% of all incoming claims. This is delivering a great customer experience with some customers seeing their claim submitted and settled within 24 hours.

Vitesse facilitates all insurtech ManyPets’ payouts processed by Millie. Vitesse helps serve the customers of ManyPets when claiming insurance payments, utilising their unique speedy payout option. This delivery of a non-human claims process simplifies the customer experience and ensures no delay in receiving their money when they – and their pet – need it most.

Vitesse has been working with ManyPets for the past two years and facilitates local claims payout for ManyPets in the UK and the US.


As an expanding Insurtech, automation and streamlining of processes are key to ManyPets to maintain flexibility in delivering the best customer experience. Back-end integrations and clever APIs increase efficiency and the ability to deliver more automated payments – meaning, as the company grows, there is no impact on their customers as they receive the same excellent level of claims payment service.


As an Insurtech, ManyPets prides itself in having and delivering new services and capabilities to their customers. With no claims process or customer being the same as the last – it’s not always the customer who needs the funds directly – ManyPets can offer extreme flexibility in paying with Vitesse. For example, the funds might need to go to a vet directly, in which case this can be catered for. Vitesse can also pay customers in their preferred currencies and methods.


The global reach and easy integration that Vitesse offers ManyPets means they can easily facilitate and deliver a quick introduction and ramp-up within new jurisdictions to support the business as they expand and grow. ManyPets consistently focuses on improving their services and solutions to their customers, always putting them at the heart of where they focus innovation.

Vitesse will work alongside ManyPets to develop their offerings so they can achieve this, building new models and processes, looking at new ways to pay, and building extra capabilities.

Whilst Vitesse has worked with many insurers, pet insurance is a new avenue for them. It’s an excellent opportunity to evolve and showcase just how versatile their platform is, helping customers within various insurance sub-sectors to get money quickly.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Vitesse to facilitate our claims payouts,” said Derek Livingstone, Head of Treasury at ManyPets. “Making a claim is the “moment of truth” for insurance customers. Pet parents trust us to pay their claims fast and efficiently at their point of need, and it is great to be able to rely on Vitesse to deliver on our customer promise.”

“It’s a true pleasure to work alongside ManyPets,” said Hanif Evans-Ali, Relationship Director at Vitesse. “Having teamed up with various functions, their commitment to finding innovative solutions to daily needs presented in the insurance market is abundantly clear.

Their approach allows us both to highlight operational and cost efficiencies across the whole claims flow, ensuring a solid partnership that we look forward to nurturing in the years to come. We openly learn from one another, which, to me, is a true sign of a valued partnership.”

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