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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Telemedicine Has Landed at Faye Travel Insurance

Faye has announced its latest feature: telemedicine. The company, in partnership with Air Doctor, has launched the service available to all those traveling with Faye internationally to 75 countries around the world, giving them the ability to access near-instant voice and video consultations with doctors.

For those not feeling well or not sure if they should stop their vacation to see a doctor, Faye’s got them covered. Thanks to the telemedicine offering, Faye can now quickly connect policy holders to a network of 20,000 doctors and services, for consultations in 21 languages and counting. How it works:

  1. Chat with the support team in the Faye app and let them know what’s happened
  2. Choose to video chat with a doctor (if you’re in a covered country)
  3. Browse and select a doctor by specialty, location & language

The best part: Faye automatically covers travellers’ appointments at no additional costs.

Elad Schaffer, Co-Founder & CEO, Faye Travel Insurance: “Considering Faye’s clear goal is to make travel protection and assistance as seamless as possible, launching telemedicine was a natural next step for us. When you’re away from home, seeking medical attention can be stressful and for some, nightmarish. Now, via the Faye app, Faye travelers have access to medical professionals at their fingertips, alleviating a massive pain point that can occur on their journey, and providing top-notch help when they need it most.”

If Faye travellers aren’t interested in the telemedicine option – not a problem. Faye’s support team can find any traveler local emergency medical facilities, clinics and more. And of course, the telemedicine offering compliments the company’s out-patient and in -patient visits, covered under Faye’s emergency medical coverage.

What’s Next

In the coming months, Faye plans to dedicate the recent Series A capital injection to bring more speed and automation into claims processing, enhance the way the company helps customers overcome flight delays and cancellations, and create new tools for partners – travel agencies and other providers – to educate their customers on the importance of travel insurance and empower them to offer it in the most seamless way.

Elad Schaffer, Co-Founder & CEO, Faye Travel Insurance: “After a year and some change on the market, we are already available nationwide in the U.S. That speed to market is not trivial in insurance, which as we know is an industry bogged down by a lot of bureaucracy and state by state restrictions. We’re proud of how quickly we move and plan to take that same approach in additional, international markets in the near future.”

About Faye

Faye is redefining insurance with the first 100% digital, consumer-centric travel insurance for Americans enabling smarter, faster assistance and claims resolutions. Faye’s whole-trip protection, coupled with its proprietary technology, provides 24/7 immediate support anywhere in the world, quick reimbursements and an app where you can do it all – from covering your trips to filing claims. Learn more at www.withfaye.com

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