" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> illimity expands open banking service through partnership with viafintech
Thursday, June 08, 2023
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illimity expands open banking service through partnership with viafintech

viafintech and illimity Bank S.p.A. (“illimity” or the “Bank”) announce a partnership whereby customers of illimitybank.com – the illimity Group’s digital direct bank-, can use the viacash feature in their mobile banking app. The service, which is provided by viafintech, is branded as “Cash Deposit” in the bank’s own app and allows customers to deposit cash in a smart and efficient way, while doing their groceries.

From today, illimitybank.com customers will be able to perform deposits also in the supermarkets using the new feature in their Mobile Banking app, through a network of over 1000 Point of sales in Italy. The feature enables the creation of a transaction in a simple and fast process: the customer generates a barcode directly in the app using the feature, the barcode is scanned at the checkout of a viafintech retail partner, and the credit is automatically visible in the client’s account. The retailers that offer the service include the branches of the following supermarkets: Pam Panorama, Pam Local, Penny Market Italy and Carrefour Italy.

“The cooperation with illimity is an important step for us and it demonstrates the benefits that a partnership between banks and fintech can bring, also in this challenging period, enabling a fast access to specialized solutions such as the viacash service of viafintech. We are extremely proud to partner with illimity, enabling their clients to manage cash in a digital, smart and efficient way in our Supermarket partners, thus providing a new innovative feature for their mobile banking app”, says Giorgio Pessina, Senior Banking Manager Italy of viafintech. illimitybank.com, the illimity Group’s digital direct bank, – based on an innovative and high-tech business model -, is already the fourth bank joining the viafintech partner network in Italy.

Carlo Panella, Head of Direct Banking and Chief Digital Operations Officer of illimity, commented:
“illimitybank.com expands its offer with new solutions, using the open platform approach as part of its strategy. Our fully digital direct bank doesn’t only offer the services of a traditional bank, but also integrates new and useful functions to go beyond the frontiers of banking. From now on, thanks to our collaboration with viafintech, illimity customers will have additional support to make their everyday life easier.”

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