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HTB positions data at the heart of decision making with tech investments

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) has combined Snowflake, SnapLogic, Matillion and Tableau technologies to deliver a new data architecture that will revolutionise the way the business uses data to influence and drive its business decisions, operations and customer interactions.

The bank has partnered with Matillion ETL to transform its data into insights to achieve new levels of simplicity and scale. It has also selected Tableau as the data visualisation platform to support the evolving needs of the bank. Together, these platforms will help drive significant and sustainable value for customers and brokers.

“Incorporating Matillion ETL as part of their data management strategy speaks to the commitment to innovation at HTB,” said Joe Steadman, Sales Director at Matillion. “Using our cloud-native product to transform data into an analytics-ready state gives HTB the insights they need to better serve their customers and outpace their competitors.”

Commenting on the partnership, Kirsty McGilway at InterWorks, HTB’s Tableau implementation partner said: “HTB are moving fast, and clearly recognise the advantages bringing Tableau into the organisation will bring – a truly integrated, single platform for analytical insight which will further cement HTB’s market-leading position as a digital-first, data-driven organisation.”

Thibaut Ceyrolle, VP of EMEA at Snowflake Inc. said, “We’re thrilled to partner with HTB and be an integral part of its ongoing digital strategy and growing data needs. This partnership will leverage our technology to perform industry leading data analytics modernisation, and help to future proof HTB’s business model and data sharing capabilities.”

Amandeep Bhuller, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at HTB said: “We actively focused on becoming data driven. We have invested heavily in these initiatives across our digital proposition and data warehousing to further scalability, user adoption and data-driven discovery, powering faster decision-making and actionable insights across all core products and services.

These platforms enable us to drive insight, speed and the flow of data. Bringing quality and accuracy to data driven decision making to enhance the service that HTB can deliver. This represents a shift in our strategy to focus on data and the benefits it can bring to our business and customers.”


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