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Thursday, June 08, 2023
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Hoxton Capital Management Teams up With Salt Edge to Boost the World of Investments

Hoxton Capital Management, a borderless financial advisory firm, teamed up with Salt Edge to offer internationally mobile people and expatriates a more comprehensive and detailed view of their finances, helping them make the most informed financial decisions, including investment.

By utilising an unparalleled combination of highly-skilled advisory experts and cutting-edge technology, Hoxton Capital is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their financial aspirations and manage their wealth on their own terms. Within five years, the company managed one billion GBP of client assets across more than 3,000 private investors that own accounts worldwide. This rapid and sustainable growth has been possible due to the company’s commitment to leveraging the best technology available.

Having been on the lookout for a reliable and innovative partner that would help access multiple banking systems, as well as analyse and interpret the data to gain valuable insights, Hoxton Capital teamed up with Salt Edge and unlocked the power of open banking. Using Salt Edge’s Partner Program, Hoxton Capital now has access to aggregated bank data from over 5,100 banks in 50+ countries, loaded with tools such as high-precision transaction categorisation, merchant identification, and financial behaviour analysis.

Chris Ball, Founder & Partner at Hoxton Capital Management explains, “At Hoxton Capital Management, we set out to provide the highest level of service in the industry. We constantly endeavour to be available, informative, and transparent, and the tools that we are now building and giving to our clients are very much following that commitment. We focus on quality and performance in everything we do. We are confident the advice we provide is best in class, as is the performance we deliver. Now we have added best-in-class technology to that suite, and the partnership with Salt Edge has a big part to play in that.”

With Salt Edge’s open banking solutions, Hoxton Capital Management enables clients in the UK and EU to easily monitor their financial health and create strategies to achieve their financial goals, all without relying on cumbersome data connections to institutional partners. What’s more, the firm gives users the capability to link up all their bank and investment accounts, not just those managed by Hoxton – for a comprehensive picture of their financial status.

The majority of Hoxton Management clients have accounts and assets spread across the world. Providing them with a holistic view of their finances from all their accounts is essential, especially when combined with the possibility of aggregating assets held in various currencies and different jurisdictions. This adds to the firm’s goal of delivering solutions to clients globally, regardless of where they may choose to live in the future. Then there’s the fact that Hoxton’s customers require diverse financial services and come from different backgrounds, including retired or financially independent individuals. Real-time updates enable them to gain a deeper understanding of their spending habits, make better budget decisions, as well as identify cost-saving opportunities effortlessly.

Andrei Scutari, Country Manager at Salt Edge comments, “At Salt Edge, we are thrilled to team up with Hoxton Capital Management. The huge volume of data, leveraged by Salt Edge’s open banking solutions, supercharges Hoxton Capital’s efforts to offer tailored advice and improved services to its broad customer base, most of whom have accounts and assets spread across the globe, thus enabling customers to gain a deeper understanding of their finances and be in control of their finances, all in one place.”


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