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Goldex become first retail platform to adopt new global standards for gold trading

Goldex become first retail platform to adopt new global standards for gold trading | Fintech Finance

The award-winning gold trading marketplace, Goldex, has become the first gold retail platform in the world to adopt a new initiative from the World Gold Council. The Retail Gold Investment Principles (RGIP) were recently launched by the World Gold Council in order to raise the bar for product providers across the global gold market and encourage individual retail investors to place their trust in gold, creating value and driving demand across the industry.

Gold prices have continued to soar this year, reaching an all-time high and an increase of over 600% over the last 20 years. An average of more than $30 billion of gold has been traded every day in the UK alone in 2020*.

Goldex is an award-winning global gold marketplace which uses smart trading technology to allow customers to easily invest in physical gold via its free mobile application. Its smart trading technology allows over 1,000 orders per second to be processed while enabling customers to get the best gold price any time they buy or sell gold, whether trading £100 or £100,000.

Sylvia Carrasco, CEO of Goldex, said: “We are absolutely delighted to demonstrate our support for this very important new initiative from the World Gold Council which is the culmination of extensive consultation with the global gold industry. Not only do these principles help customers identify the best providers and increase their confidence when investing in gold, they represent the very essence of our business here at Goldex, namely the provision of a transparent, secure, ethical and safe marketplace for investors at all levels. We are very proud to be the first gold retail platform in the world in the world to fully incorporate the principles into our customer journey and help draw attention to their importance.”

David Tait, CEO, World Gold Council, has explained that the common objective of RGIP is to make certain that investors, especially those considering gold for the first time, have absolute trust in the products they are offered and the providers with whom they chose to transact. “Through this industry engagement it was clear to us that the market would benefit from a globally aligned set of best practices in order to ensure an effective, efficient and trusted market overall,” he said.


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