Sunday, June 16, 2024

Global Fintech Sandstone Technology, Automates Tranche Management

Major changes in the financial sector has put immense pressure on treasury, product management and financial teams within banks and building societies who traditionally manually manage the inflow of retail and business deposits. These archaic physical processes have highlighted the risks associated with manually managing and predicting future trends for deposit account tranches – the need for an automated, efficient process has been clearly identified.

Sandstone Technology has developed Tranche Management, a back-office feature, which is a component of Sandstone’s digital origination product BankFast Apply. The new feature allows financial institutions to easily, and quickly, manage the flow of retail and business deposits. It takes the guess work out of predicting when a savings product tranche is full which supports risk management.

The Tranche Management feature allows organisations to easily add a pledge, fund and application amount limit when configuring products. Savings products are then automatically deactivated when the limits are close. A highly visual dashboard makes it simple for staff to report and compare various products along with predicting trends in behaviour for future product launches.

Ross Watts, Chief Customer Officer of Sandstone said: “Traditionally managing the liquidity risk ratio for financial institutions is a very manual process and our new Tranche Management functionality take this pressure off product management and treasury teams. Automating internal processes not only allows staff to focus on value adding tasks but it ensures regulatory deposit limits do not exceed their intended value.”

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