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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
City Week 2023

GlossAi Raises $8 Million Seed Round to Accelerate Adoption of its Generative V-Ai Platform for Content Generation at Scale

GlossAi, creators of an AI-driven video generator that allows organizations to rapidly create multi-audience content at scale using generative AI capabilities, today announced a successful $8 million seed round. Led by New Era Capital Partners with participation by Guidestar ventures, 97212 Ventures, MindCET Ventures, Ginossar Ventures, Maccabee Ventures, Rafi Gidron, Zipris Family, and more, this investment will allow GlossAi to further expand their global presence and develop increasingly advanced AI capabilities for their platform.

Today’s organizations need to be “always on”. Not just marketing teams but also training, learning, product, and more. Generating relevant, fit-for-purpose content is an expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive task that requires great expertise while teams are shrinking.

GlossAi analyzes hundreds of parameters such as text, tone, pace, facial expressions, and audience engagement using billions of data points, achieving its human-like content generation in near-real time. This means a single webinar, podcast, training keynote, and more can be automatically spliced and broken into smaller storified bites using GlossAi’s state-of-the-art platform. Enabling teams to rapidly generate high-quality, share-worthy short-form videos, trailers, eBooks, blog posts, carousel images, and more from existing content, which is uniquely packaged for the intended medium.

“We’re allowing organizations to be omnipresent, generating targeted content at scale with fewer resources,” said Ofer Familier, Co-Founder and CEO at GlossAi. “Our customers are seeing a 30-40% uptick in engagement with up to 70-80% cost reduction. Based on the creative ways our enterprise customers are using our technology, we see webinars with their own trailers, podcasts promoted on TikTok, eBooks created from classes, and more.”

Short-form video consumption has sky-rocketed, with YouTube’s 15 billion shorts views and TikTok expected to surpass 1.8 billion daily users. This puts a strain on marketing, product, sales, and L&D teams who want to create engaging content for multiple audiences simultaneously. “GlossAi is using Generative AI to enable companies with hundreds of hours of video and audio to create relevant materials for different platforms. The founders’ years of experience in the field positions them to tackle this sophisticated challenge that will change the way people consume videos in the future,” said Ran Simha, Managing Partner, New Era Capital Partners.

The investment will go towards helping GlossAi’s team of over 30 employees expand their global footprint, develop more AI-driven products and features, and further accelerate revenue generation. With the growing comfort surrounding the use of AI, Video AI promises to help companies connect with audiences that were previously beyond their reach

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