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Freetrade launches seventh crowdfunding campaign

launches seventh crowdfunding campaign | Fintech Finance

Freetrade, the investment platform that is on a mission to get everyone investing, is pleased to announce its plans to raise a crowdfunding round on the 24th November. This marks a record-breaking seventh publicly available crowdfunding round. This round will also be pan-European, allowing prospective customers across Europe the chance to invest.


Crowdfunding has fuelled Freetrade’s growth and it has given the company a dedicated community of over 13,000 investors, who have been able to invest alongside world-class growth investors including Left Lane Capital, L Catterton, and Molten Ventures (formerly Draper Esprit).


Since Freetrade last raised on Crowdcube in May 2020, total registered users on the platform have increased from approximately 150,000 to over 1.1 million (as of November 2021), representing a nearly 600% increase in 18 months. Client assets now exceed £1bn, helped by the launch of new subscription accounts, including ISAs, Freetrade’s Plus membership and the Freetrade Pension.


Adam Dodds, CEO and Founder of Freetrade, said: “In a world awash with venture capital, it’s important to offer everyone the opportunity to invest in companies, like Freetrade, at the earliest stages and throughout their growth. As we’re about to expand into Europe, it only makes sense that we should open up this round to prospective customers and investors across the continent. Crowdfunding has given us a passionate community of shareholders who help to keep us focused on our mission to get everyone investing.”


Details on fundraising target, share price and valuation will be released prior to the round opening.


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